Adventure Capitalist Mod APK v8.14.0 (Unlimited Gold/Money)

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Adventure Capitalist Mod APK Unlimited Everything

Adventure Capitalist Mod APK is a simulation game that you can download for free on your android device. It’s the full version of the game without any in-app purchase, so it will work even if you did not buy/install anything on your android device.

You need to earn currency first before you can play this game. You need currency for almost anything in this game so earning currency is very important to maximize your gaming experience just like Shop Heroes Mod APK.

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Features of Adventure Capitalist Mod APK

Here are some tips on how to get currency fast in Adventure Capitalist Mod APK:

Reset Your Achievements

There will be a check mark at the bottom left corner whenever you unlocked an achievement. Tap it and reset all achievements because each time you do so, you’ll get 50 coins. Coins are the currency of this game to buy upgrades, speed up time and other stuff. that you’ll never use because each upgrade has a limited number of uses.

Always Check the Upgrade Prices

Each upgrade has different price so be sure to check it first before you decide to buy one. You can always sell an upgrade if it’s not what you’re looking for. Don’t waste your money buying something

Buy Unlimited Refills with In-App Purchases

This will help your progress in the game faster, so i suggest that you should get it when available or purchase IAPs with gold bars if you don’t want to spend real cash just yet. Remember that gold bars are hard to earn though but they can help you get Unlimited Refills if you’re not good in clicking.

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Don’t Go to Sleep

Never go to sleep if you haven’t earned enough currency because time will pass by really fast and you’ll miss that one golden opportunity to rake in coins, which is the only way to buy upgrades. i know it’s hard not to go to sleep but stay awake until your earnings reach 200-300 coins at least so you’ll have something to spend on upgrades & bonuses.

Do The Main Quests Only

I suggest that you should do quests as much as possible because each one gives good rewards like 50-200 coins, miles, diamonds etc. Each quest has 3 levels namely easy, medium and hard difficulties. While it’s okay to do easy ones, it’s bad if you’ll rush it on hard mode because there are no bonuses that will help you earn more currency. You should also avoid doing hard quests untill your level is high enough because even though the reward is good, you may lose all of your earnings if you fail.

Identify The Upgrades That Will Help You Progress Fast

I suggest that you should buy these upgrades so they can help you progress further in this game: The first three are the most important whereas the last one has a random chance to appear which makes it valuable, while other items have limited uses making them less useful. The first ten upgrades will skyrocket your earning rate that’ll make getting currency easier.

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Don’t Gamble

Gambling is similar to the pokie machines you see in casinos. You need to pay 100 coins for each roll but the payout is random so it’s not advisable to do this often. You might even lose more than what you put or earn less than 100 coin, so i suggest that you should avoid doing this at all cost.

Sell The Things That You Cannot Use/Don’t Need

If you have spare stuff with certain upgrades, sell them so they can give you more currency. It will also help if your inventory is full. There are many things to sell so selling everything is possible here unlike other games where there are limited items to sell.

Refer Your Friends to Earn More

If you have friends or family that play this, refer them to earn more. You can also invite them as well as share your username/link in social media for a chance to win 5000 diamonds.

Make Sure That the Game Is In Your Phone’s Storage

Sometimes Adventure Capitalist Mod will be stored in the phone’s storage and not on your SD card, so make sure that it already installed on your device. It should also appear on the app drawer if it’s successfully installed there.

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Common FAQs of Adventure Capitalist Mod APK

What is Adventure Capitalist Hack?

Adventure Capitalist Hack is software that designed to generate millions of dollars in game. It can be used by anyone who want to get unlimited money in the game. It’s not available on play store so you will need an android emulator like bluestacks or any other similar apps.

How does it work?

Adventure capitalist mod apk work by generating some kind of data into phones system while you open the software. Those generated data are then converted into virtual currency which then added to your account without any cost. The fake currency is then use to buy stuffs and you can enjoy the game.

Why this Mod safe?

It’s safe because we only generate fake data into your phone system. It doesn’t harm your device or corrupt any files at all. We make use of cheat engine which can be download on google play store for free. We don’t sell anything on our website, everything is free and available here for download. Make sure to turn off antivirus before installing this software as some antivirus may detect it as a virus but its not.

Is there any way to get banned from using this Mod?

There is no way to get banned from using this Mod. Once you download the game, installation begins and once it finish, you can play offline or online (highly recommend playing in offline mode until your system fully activated). The generated data are fake so there will never be any problem with using this tool.

How long does it take to work?

It may depend on your internet connection speed but usually it takes about 10 minutes for your account to get unlimited money after opening the software. It will take longer if you’re downloading cheat engine files because it’s quite big in size.

Is it safe to use this software?

Yes, it is 100% safe to use adventure capitalist’s mod apk. There is no virus or malware included inside at all. It’s been tested by many users from different countries already and most of them got their account activated successfully.

How do I control the time interval between using my phone?

It will depend on how fast your internet connection speed. The higher your internet connection speed, the faster it works. So if your internet connection is slow, you need to wait a little bit longer for it activates your account. If you want a guaranteed result, then make sure to connect with a stable WIFI that gives you high speed internet.

How do I know if it works?

After running the software, you will see the process activated and the time left to complete. After 10 minutes or less (depending on your internet connection), your account gets unlimited money and you can play offline. You may need to wait for a little longer for everything to set up especially those with slow internet connection.


Whether you Adventure Capitalist Mod APK or not but millions of players around the world playing game on daily basis and it’s fan following it increasing every day because of it outclass features. Hopefully, you are going to be the next pro player of this game by downloading and installing it right now.

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