AFK Arena Mod APK v1.86.01 (Unlimited Money, Free Shopping)

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AFK Arena Mod APK Unlimited Everything

Hide and wait for your prey in the bushes, wait for your prey to come to you. That’s right, AFK Arena Mod APK is a Role-Playing game suitable for download if you are busy but still want to participate in fascinating battles between warriors, but the waiting time is too long, so you can go stalk your prey in the bushes. This will make your prey more nervous and not know where you are.

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AFK Arena APK game

Features of AFK Arena Mod Game

Although AFK Arena has unlimited matchless features here are some of the important things which you should know before getting this game installed on your android device.

Fantastic Gameplay

When we heard that AFK Arena was coming out, we thought it would be a multiplayer battle arena game where every player on the field would be able to train their heroes while they are away from their keyboards.

It turns out that these MOBA games allow you to quickly gather up your warring parties online, but these skirmishes are no less feverish for being feverishly fast-paced. This game also allows you to partake in a story-based campaign about rescuing the Esperia kingdom, along with other challenges.

Unlimited Top Heroes

Assemble a team of heroes from seven factions and battle to become the champions of AFK Arena. With over 100 heroes, each with their own unique abilities, no two games are ever alike. Win battles to earn new heroes, upgrade them to unlock more abilities, and collect sets of heroes to get powerful bonuses.

AFK Arena tier List

Strategic Battle

PVP is the heart and soul of the Battle for the Middle-Earth franchise, and if we want to succeed we need to equip our heroes and strategize unbeatable lineups to overcome our enemies in battle. Each faction enjoys formation buffs and factional advantages over other factions.

AFK Arena APK Unlimited money

This is the most interesting part of the game, you will start coming by buying new heroes but later on it gets difficult to clear all levels with these heroes because at that time every hero has only three skills and only one unit.

If you want unlimited money then use the AFK Arena mod APK (it’s free) to purchase any equipment without wasting your real money on purchasing almost useless equipment, now make your hero powerful with unlimited health, mana, and damage. Unlock special effects like invisibility or stun attack etc. for each character! Get everything free using our AFK Arena infinite money APK.

AFK Arena Unlimited Mana Hack

Mana is another important factor in AFK arena which you can’t ignore, it recovers little by little after every match but with AFK Arena mod APK unlimited money hack every one of your heroes will have unlimited mana which means you can use any skill as many times as you want without waiting for cooldown which might take hours up to days for some skills.

AFK Arena Mod Apk Unlimited Gold Coins Hack

Gold coins are another thing you should know about them because they are the primary currency of this game. You will win some gold coins at the time of winning a certain battle but it’s too less and won’t suffice the needs during tough battles, so here is the solution, use AFK Arena mod APK unlimited gold coins hack and get all the currencies without any effort.

Unlimited Health Hack

Health is another important part of this game because it decreases with every attack and at the time of fighting against titan which you can’t defeat if your health gets below a certain level then there’s no way but to restart the battle which wastes much time and energy too, so in order to make these battles easy AFK Arena infinite health hack will do the work.

AFK Arena Game

AFK Arena Mod Unlimited Gems Hack

Gems are like a premium currency that makes everything possible for players like buying powerful equipment or making their team stronger than ever before etc, but you know that gems are hard to get, you have to buy them using real money and they are limited too so here comes the AFK Arena unlimited gems hack at your service.

Unlimited Energy Hack

Energy is also a primary currency that recharges itself after every battle but it’s quite hard to play without waiting for hours because energy automatically decreases with lots of actions you do during battles, so if you’re being impatient then use our AFK Arena infinite energy APK to recharge your energy whenever required.

AFK Arena Mod Apk Unlimited Stamina Hack

Stamina is another very important thing of this game that depletes fastly and takes time to recharge back again, but if you want to play the game more often then use AFK Arena infinite stamina APK so your hero can fight for hours without getting tired.

AFK Arena Unlimited Gold Hack

Gold is a very important currency of this game that you spend on buying anything like equipment, heroes or upgrading their skills, etc it’s not easy to get gold coins unless you spend real money but with AFK Arena unlimited gold hack free purchases are now possible which will save your real money too.

Unlimited Enhancers Hack

Enhancers are the special item at the time of battle which increases attack power, defense, health, and much more things during a match but if you want to make your hero stronger than any other hero then use our AFK Arena mod APK unlimited enhancer cheat to do so.

Unlimited Tokens Hack

Tokens are another currency that you earn at the time of winning a battle but it’s not enough for making your hero strong, so use our AFK Arena mod APK unlimited tokens hack to have this currency whenever you need it. You can also purchase special items using this currency which makes everything possible.

So these are the features of AFK Arena mod APK if you want to make your game easy then click on the link given below and download the latest version of AFK arena mod APK file after downloading run the installation process by following our screenshot tutorial. After successful installation opens the game and connects with a Facebook account or Google+ account in order to play against other players online.

AFK Arena codes

Common FAQs About AFK Arena Mod APK

What is AFK Arena?

It’s a free and fun multiplayer game for Android where your character, the eponymous Afk Arena Hero, automatically fights enemies while you’re away. You can return to it at any time and claim your rewards to progress faster.

Where can I get AFK Arena Mod APK?

Answer: There are three easy ways to download modded APK files on your phone. 1) Using an app store such as Amazon, Google Play, or Samsung Store; 2) Using file managers such as ES File Explorer or IPV Tools; 3) Or by downloading the modded APK file directly from this site using your phone browser. The choice is yours!

How Can I download AFK Arena Mod APK?

It’s easy! Just scroll down this page to find the link to download APK file.

How do I install the downloaded modded apk file on my phone?

Each modded apk files come with instructions, but you need to transfer the downloaded modded apk file to your phone storage, open it and click install. The process should take seconds due to the small size of the game.

Is this game P2W (Pay 2 Win)?

No, despite being a free game at heart, players who spend real money will not get an unfair advantage over those who don’t do anything other than playing for fun.

How often can I play?

The short answer is, as long as you want. AFK Arena’s turn-based battle system means it will continue to fight enemies even when you’re offline. You can also claim a new daily set of rewards any time you like. On the other hand, if you’re a big spender and want to forge new equipment, your task is slightly more complicated.

What kind of equipment there is in the game?

There are five weapon types in AFK Arena which can be upgraded three times each. Once they reach a certain level, weapons grant players with additional damage against specific enemy types so knowing what kinds of enemies wait ahead makes a critical difference to your success.

What happens when I destroy a full group of enemies?

You’ll get to see a short animation that shows you how much damage you’ve done, and claim your rewards! Then you can either claim your daily reward or embark on the next stage. All those defeated enemies will respawn again so feel free to come back any time.

Are there any special bosses in AFK Arena?

Yes, every ten stages is an epic boss fight against powerful foes. Make sure that you’re well equipped before taking them on as they give out the biggest loot and XP gain.

How do I train my characters and gain XP quickly?

The first few levels are simply a matter of killing as many monsters as you can, but after level 30 it’s best to complete daily missions. They reward you with bonus XP and gold which can help you a lot in your journey.

How do I get more XP quickly?

There are four ways of getting XP – completing mission stages, killing enemies, using friend power, and receiving Protector equipment – so the key is figuring out what works best for you! For example, if you don’t have friends who play AFK Arena yet, try recruiting new ones to keep tackling those daily quests together. In addition, special events often give higher rewards for playing at specific times so make sure not to miss those as well!


In AFK Arena Mod APK, you will be the main character who will be given swords, shields, and various weapons. You must choose one of three characters: warrior, archer, and mage. Each of the characters has a unique skill and characteristics. You can buy weapons and collect resources and gems to upgrade and repair weapons and armor so you can become stronger. Use the gems to upgrade and repair the armor and weapons so you can kill monsters with ease.

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