Animation Throwdown Mod APK v1.121.3 (Unlimited Money & Gems)

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Animation Throwdown Mod APK Unlimited Everything

This article is about our experience with the Adventure game Animation Throwdown Mod APK. The mod we used was linked to in the Reddit forum post here by user Bazoozle, who is one of the developers of the mod.

I’m writing this review because there seems to be a lot of misinformation on what exactly the mod does and when you should use it. Before I begin, there are some important things to keep in mind:

This Mod restricts you from being able to communicate with other players in-game or on Facebook/Discord through mobile push notifications or chat messages, so please keep that in mind when playing games with friends if they’re not using the mod as well. This also applies to guild member lists for Guild Rumble, as you will not be able to see guildmates’ names or who is online/offline.

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This Mod does not give any competitive advantage over other players. This mod only allows you to do what the game normally lets you do, just a little bit faster and easier. So if other players without the mod beat you, it’s because they got lucky and played better than you that day. It doesn’t mean they spent money on their account and it doesn’t mean there was anything unfair about the match other than you weren’t as lucky as them during your turn.

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Features of Animation Throwdown Mod APK

Let us discuss the latest features of animation throwdown mod APK one by one.

Best Adventure Game

Animation Throwdown is an adventure game where your main mission is to fight against other players to gain more trophies. Fight with the enemies and complete each level of the game while you collect various cards along the way. The gameplay consists of five different types of cards which are characters, skills, items, combos, and buildings.

Team Up Feature

Team up these cards together in order to perform certain actions during battle or upgrade them to make them even stronger than before. Be careful about the enemy’s attack as he will also be trying his best to harm you just like any other player. While playing this game your main objective should be to find out how strong your team is so choose wisely before proceeding any further. Many powerful combo attacks can be performed by joining different characters and items altogether.

animation throwdown mod apk download

Available for Android & iOS

The game is available to download for free on Android and iOS devices which makes it even better. If you already have one of these devices then what are you waiting for? Just go ahead and install the apk file from below along with the mod apk which will unlock unlimited gems, coins, cash, energy, credits, etc. Once completed your gaming experience will definitely increase as you have full access to every item without any problem or restriction whatsoever.

Unlimited Attractive Characters

Animation Throwdown MOD APK consists of many features such as a new character, a new area called Krusty Krab along a new building. It also consists of a new Bikini Bottom where players can train their skills in order to become stronger.

Krabby Patty Secret Formula card

Another important inclusion added to the game is the Krabby Patty Secret Formula card which should be collected in order to create a powerful attack against other players. The new update also includes another building called Krusty Krab along with an exchange center where you can trade your cards for other rare ones. If your goal is to become the ultimate winner then you will have to work very hard by playing multiple times and taking part in different events occurring now and then.

Free to Play

This game is free to play. Animation Throwdown Mod APK helps you get free Gems & Coins.  Its saves your money and makes you enjoy the game more than ever.

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Unlimited Gems & Coins

Get unlimited Gems & Coins through this app. You don’t need to buy anything in this game by using our modded APK.

Easy to Download & Play

It’s really easy to use, just download the app and install it normally like any other app. Open it and select your platform(Android or iOS) then click on connect button, that’s it.

Customize it as You Want

Customize your town with many different characters from the show. Each with its own unique animations, sounds, and visuals.

Collect Cards

Collect hundreds of cards in a brand new card battle adventure set in a pocket universe in an alternate dimension in 5d.

Unlock Your Family Guy

Unlock family Guy cutscenes when you log in daily. Unlock them all and get access to absolutely crazy sets of timed challenges that will push your skills to the limit. And they’re totally free to play.

animation throwdown download

Common FAQs About Animation Throwdown Mod APK

Following are the most important question about Animation Throwdown Mod APK. Just read them carefully and follow the instructions. It may not be 100% complete, so I will update this article as often as possible. If you know about another question that needs to be added to this list, then feel free to comment below or contact us via Facebook message.

I cannot download any Animation Throwdown Mod APK. Is there a problem?

Yes. We are all experiencing the same issue (that’s why we made this post). The game is currently downloading but it does not finish because of an error – it requires an additional 2GB. If you experience this, please try these steps: Reboot your smartphone; Uninstall both game and Mod APK; Install the game again; Try Mods Hack again (it should work now).

What is Animation Throwdown?

It’s a card game with the characters from your favorite series such as Family Guy, The Simpsons, Futurama, and more. You can play with friends or other players online and defeat them in epic battles. Not only you will be able to collect cards, but also build your decks!

Is it good? I’ve seen many bad comments about this Mod file.

Yes, it is very good, despite some negative feedback. Perhaps the most important thing that makes this game great is that all cards come from different shows that we love (like Futurama for example). If you are a fan of any of those shows above mentioned, then please give this game a try – you won’t regret it!

Can I Get Unbanned from Using Mods?

We’re not sure what kind of ban system they use to detect players using mods, so we recommend you be careful. We can’t guarantee anything regarding whether or not you will be banned for using mods! If you are going to use them, be sure to follow the directions carefully so you don’t mess up your game too badly.


Also, this game is also coming with many characters which are not featured in the initial game. Even if you can see your favorite character or heroin it as well then you have to do it just download this game because it has lots of quality than initially launched. So, go ahead and download Animation Throwdown Mod APK right now without wasting much time.

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