AVG Cleaner Pro Mod APK v6.3.0 (Mod, Premium Unlocked)

AVG Cleaner Pro Mod APK Fully Unlocked

With the fast-paced life, we are all leading, it is important to take care of our devices. You need to make sure that your devices are clean and fast always. If you don’t, then you will end up wasting time and most importantly, you will be vulnerable to all kinds of malware. And here is where AVG Cleaner Pro Mod APK Tool cleans helps you out. It cleans your system and helps you speed up your mobile phones.

Avg Cleaner Pro Mod Download

Features of AVG Cleaner App

Full Mobile Optimization

A unique feature of the AVG Cleaner Pro is that it’s a complete system optimization tool, which includes features for defragmentation, removal of viruses and spyware.

Delete Temporary Files

In addition to this, this tool deletes temporary files from your web browser as well as those from other applications on your PC. You can also use this software to repair registry issues with just a single click.

Avg Cleaner Pro Mod APK Download

Clean Your Mobile

The cleaning process is divided into three modules namely Registry cleaner, Disk cleaner and Privacy cleaner (for internet history). The Windows Registry stores all the settings that are used by your computer’s operating system and all its programs; removing old entries can improve performance. Internet Explorer has no built-in disk cleaning method; using the Privacy section will allow you to clean your computer of all cookies, browsing history and offline website data.

Browsing Protector

An interesting feature is the Browsers protector, which lets you manage all your browsers from one place. Using it will allow you to scan and clean Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers.

Configuration Module

In addition to this, AVG Cleaner Pro also offers a configuration module that allows users to choose what temporary files should be removed automatically after each computer session.

Automatic Update

The program has several other features such as automatic updates via the web and a file shredder for removing sensitive data from your hard drive permanently.

Easy to Download

At an official download size of around 3MB, AVG Cleaner Pro Mod APK 1.9 weighs a bit more than its competitors in terms of system resources usage; however once launched it displays an interface with nothing but key functionality available.

Remove Unwanted Files

The program is capable of removing programs that are already installed, so if you are using it to get rid of sample trial versions that have not been uninstalled yet then this might be an added benefit. It’s also worth noting that AVG Cleaner Pro Mod APK has a smart scan ability which automatically selects the best option amongst several tools depending on your selected criteria.

Avg Cleaner Pro Download

Lack of Full HTTPs Support

A major drawback of this application is its lack of full HTTPS support, meaning there may still remain traces of browsing history on some websites. The Privacy section should remove cookies from these sites, but this remains untested until further feedback surfaces online.

One thing I liked about AVG Cleaner Pro Mod APK was the fact that it allows users to select what they want to clean instead of taking an all-or-nothing approach.

CPU Load Monitoring

One other interesting feature it has is the CPU load monitoring which allows users to configure specific hard drive clean-ups during low usage times.

Virus and Malware Protection

AVG Cleaner provides virus and malware protection, so there’s no need to worry about viruses or other types of threats that could harm your phone. It also detects and cleans apps that might be using too much battery or resources like RAM, which is common for free games nowadays. AVG Cleaner makes sure you’re always getting the latest protection by downloading virus definition updates as new threats emerge.

Reclaim Valuable Memory

AVG Cleaner helps you reclaim valuable memory (RAM) by automatically closing unnecessary background applications that drain your battery. By constantly staying on top of which apps are draining your smartphone’s resources, AVG Cleaner ensures you get the most out of your device without any hassle. This means you can play games or watch video for longer before having to worry about recharging.

Remove Useless Data

AVG Cleaner removes temporary files and other useless content from memory, hence freeing up storage space. With this extra storage space, it becomes easier to store more music, photo or video content on your Android device – allowing you to create more room for everything that matters most.

Remove Junk Data

When an app is deleted some data associated with the app is not moved to the Recycle Bin but instead it remains on the device. Deleting apps also sometimes leaves behind temporary files and other junk that clogs up your storage space and creates unnecessary clutter, which over time can slow down your phone or tablet. AVG Cleaner goes through all of this and cleans out the junk, freeing up valuable space for you to enjoy using your smartphone even more.

AVG Cleaner provides features like:

  • BOOST CHARGE BATTERY: Gives extra battery power by stopping unnecessary apps running in the background
  • SMART CLEANING: Automatically cleans junk files and frees up space for improved performance
  • ANTIVIRUS: Detects virus threats from installed apps and prevents them harming your deviceAvg Cleaner Pro APK Download

FAQs About AVG Cleaner Pro Mod APK

What is AVG Cleaner Pro?

It’s an app that clears up space on your device, optimizes storage and removes junk files. It also manages apps, protects your phone from malware (viruses), blocks calls you don’t want, backs up contacts and allows you to clean up tracks of internet activity.

Can I uninstall Security Tool if I install AVG Cleaner Pro?

Yes. You can uninstall Security Tool along with its updates via the ‘Uninstall programs’ tool in Settings (on some devices it may be hidden under “System”). Make sure you reboot after uninstalling it. AVG Cleaner Pro will check for any security issues every 2 days once installed; this service is free of charge. You can turn this off in the settings.

Can I install AVG Cleaner Pro if I already have Security Tool?

No, you cannot install both apps at the same time. If you need to use Android antivirus protection, such as AVG Secure VPN or AVG Antivirus for Android, uninstall Security Tool and download our free version of AVG Cleaner Pro from Google Play.

Can I install AVG Cleaner Pro and Security Tool on the same phone?

No, you cannot use both apps at the same time. If you need to use Android antivirus protection, such as AVG Secure VPN or AVG Antivirus for Android, uninstall Security Tool and download our free version of AVG Cleaner Pro from Google Play.

Why isn’t my virus protection (AVG Secure VPN) working when I have installed both Security Tool and AVG Cleaner Pro?

If you try to run two security products at once, they may interfere with each other. Therefore we recommend only one security product be active and running on your device at a time (we suggest that this should be either our free app – AVG Cleaner Pro or our paid security app – AVG Secure VPN). You can uninstall Security Tool and download AVG Cleaner Pro. If you already have the free AVG Cleaner Pro, we recommend to update it to version 2.3 or newer if possible.

I installed AVG Cleaner Pro but I cannot find the Tools section in Settings?

You may need to activate AVG Cleaner Pro by tapping 7 times on ‘AVG Zen’ icon in your App Drawer (see red circle), otherwise it shows as a greyed-out icon in Settings (see green circle).

My battery drains faster than usual when running this app? Why is that?

This kind of issue is often caused because an antivirus product has been uninstalled and not properly uninstalled, leaving files in the System folder. AVG Cleaner Pro scans your device’s memory and storage space to remove unused files that clog up your Android system and slow it down, causing your battery to drain faster than usual. Therefore when AVG Cleaner Pro is uninstalled these left-overs are not removed properly by the operating system; this will cause the original issue again (battery life reduced). To resolve this problem you can uninstall AVG Cleaner Pro completely or do a clean install.


We hope you enjoyed our post about the AVG Cleaner Pro Mod APK. Keep in mind that downloading a mod APK can be a dangerous practice, so we recommend you to always download from a reputable source. If you have any questions about this article, please contact us or comment below. Thank you for reading, we are always excited when one of our posts is able to provide useful information on a topic like this!

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