Bit Heroes Mod APK 2023 v2.3.206 (Unlimited Money & Gems)

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Bit Heroes Mod APK Unlimited Everything

Bit heroes mod APK is a Role-Playing game that was developed by the company called “Kongregate“. This game has been downloaded more than 200000 times in Play Store. The gameplay includes collecting various items and battling against other players or creatures.

The player can also trade with other players on the market to earn coins that are used for upgrades, weapons, armor, and many more things. Apart from this, there are daily events that offer rewards like gold bars which help you level up faster.

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Bit Heroes Mod APK Download

Key Features of Bit Heroes Mod APK

It has hundreds of Heroes that can be obtained by defeating monsters throughout the virtual world which is filled with dangerous quests and dungeons. For acquiring them, gamers need to fight in a limited time frame or dungeons where they can win special items for getting these heroes.

Tough Missions

These monsters also give experience points while fighting against them so you will get more chances to get items for your heroes. The higher level you have means better equipment which is required for fighting against tough enemies to enjoy an adventurous journey. More equipment means faster attack speed, high HP, high defense, and much more.

Unlimited Money

It also requires lots of in-game currencies for getting new heroes to be used in the quest for conquering dangerous dungeons. Gold coins are considered the primary currency which can be obtained by defeating monsters or completing quests. For making purchases, gamers can use diamonds which are very rare in this game. So it is not easy to get them without using any Bit Heroes Hack.

Unlimited Diamonds

Players are required to win special battles against other players in order to earn diamonds. On winning these PvP battles you will get a chance to steal two diamonds from your opponent’s account without taking any damage. After that, if you want to top up your account with more virtual currencies then use our Unlimited Coins Mod Apk.

Unlimited Dungeons

The many dungeons in the virtual world require proper guidance and strategy for exploring them. The reason is that each dungeon has its own level requirement so gamers need to stay at least one level above than required otherwise they will lose their chances of winning.

Various Dangers

The dangers lie within these dungeons which can only be conquered by using your strategies and skills so you cannot open all the chests because it may result in a loss for you.

Unlimited Monsters

When entering into a new realm, gamers will come across rare monsters with special abilities and unique drops that cannot be found anywhere else. You just need to defeat them then use our Unlimited Crystals Mod Apk to get exciting items without facing any difficulties from this RPG.

Bit Heroes Game

Characters of Bit Heroes Mod APK

There are three playable characters at present, each with their own back story and play style:

Roland – A knight who is out for vengeance on those responsible for the death of his lover. He is a melee fighter with close-combat moves.

Zack – An average student who stumbles upon an ancient book that transports him to the bit world, where he later learns he has been brought here to learn magic and mystic arts from Bit himself. He specializes in using swordplay and ranged spells.

Aria – A young girl who recently moved to the city and dreams of becoming a pop star someday. She wields kitchen utensils such as spatulas and whips, which she uses along with dance moves for combat. Her background is still shrouded in mystery at present time.

Bubble – A frog who sits on your head and increases your defense by 10% at max level. Costs 3 gems.

Zookeeper – A monkey who randomly picks an animal card for you during combat once at level 5. Each card has different effects such as summoning monsters or poisoning foes. Costs 2 gems if bought directly from the shop, but costs 1 gem if you get him from a card pack.

Players can also choose from two NPC companions: Mina the fairy and Thane the wolf, both of whom deal ranged damage and add to the dynamic of the game.

Players can also obtain pets that further increase stats, such as attack speed and health. Pets are usually obtained through quests; however, there is a section in the market where players can purchase them using gems or coins (which they get from defeating enemies). Some examples of pets:

At present, there are three playable dungeons: The Ancient Tombs, Haunted Cemetery, and the Secret Laboratory. Each dungeon has its own unique enemies and boss, which players can tackle at their own speed. Boss fights typically drop new gear, so they are worth the effort.

Dungeons also house portals to other zones that require keys to enter (which usually drop from mini-bosses and bosses). There is also a secret portal in each dungeon that requires 8 gems to unlock; if players successfully complete this hidden portal they receive additional rewards such as pets and equipment.

Every time you start up your game you will be prompted with daily quests such as “Kill 10 monsters.” These quests award 100 gems once completed. In addition, defeating a boss usually yields 300 gems.

Bit Heroes Mod Download

Common FAQs about Bit Heroes Mod APK

What is Bit Heroes Mod APK?

The Bit Heroes (also known as BH) is a role-playing game that provides you with an opportunity to explore and conquer the adventurous world filled with monsters, quests, dungeons, and other interesting things.

Furthermore, the unique gameplay enables gamers to find items and take part in a number of battles along with forming powerful alliances with friends. In order to enjoy all these facilities it requires a considerable amount of virtual currencies within your account, but this can be easily fulfilled by using our Unlimited mod APK.

How does Bit Heroes mod apk help you?

As there is a limit on the number of currencies that can be obtained within your account so our Bit Heroes Hack can provide you with whatever amount of virtual currency that you want to top up your account. With the help using the bit heroes mod apk, gamers will get unlimited gold, casual crystals, and diamonds which they can use for getting items in the game.

Will my mobile device support this game?

This is an RPG that requires a good amount of space for installing it on your device so that it may freeze or crash. If you have enough storage then this game can be installed but make sure to check its requirements first. All modern devices support the installation of this game without any compatibility issues.

How do I level up my hero?

You can increase the level of your hero by acquiring experience points. These points are earned every time you kill a monster or complete a quest in the virtual world. At higher levels, more powerful skills can also be used against tough enemies and high-leveled dungeons.

How do get more currencies?

You need to complete as many quests as possible as they will give you a good amount of virtual currency after completing each quest successfully. In addition, kill as many monsters as possible because each monster defeated will reward you with a decent amount of gold coins. By defeating rare monsters, you can earn a huge sum of virtual currency which cannot be found anywhere else.


Although the bit heroes mod APK is still in the beta phase, it’s worth checking out for anyone who likes dungeon crawling. It doesn’t have any of the grinding or pay-to-win features that so many mobile games do and I found myself actually wanting to find new equipment. If you want a break from your other favorite RPG games, give this one a try.

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