Covet Fashion Mod APK 2023 v22.04.62 (Unlimited Money/Cash/Diamonds)

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Covet Fashion Mod APK Unlimited Everything

Covet Fashion Mod Apk is a Casual game in which you will be able to design your own covet fashion clothes. The covet fashion mod for this game has been released and can be found online easily. This covets fashion apk gives the players an opportunity to explore their creativity by designing clothes with their favorite colors, shapes, patterns, and much more.

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Covet Fashion Mod APK Download

Covet Fashion Game Features

Here are major features of Covet Fashion Game:

Makeover Mode

You can dress up and try different hairstyles on some of the famous models.

Fashion Show

At Fashion Show you can make your model walk the runway and showcase your style to the judges (fans, critics, stylists).

Head to Toe Sale

To earn money faster, you can put your clothes, accessories, and hairstyles up to 50% off on the Head to Toe Sale.

Shopping Channel

On Shopping Channels you have a chance of winning something for free. The more money you spend, the higher your chances are of winning that item or one even better than it. Just remember that clothes, hairstyles, and accessories are constantly updating, so if you miss something you like, don’t worry! It will be back in the next few days.

Fashion Magazine

Here you can view articles where other players talk about fashion news, trends, or their favorite outfit; get ideas on how to dress; read Covet Fashion’s blog posts; and much more!

Fashion Showroom

Where you can purchase all the clothes, hairstyles, accessories, and backgrounds that you see in Fashion Show.

Market Place

Where you can buy or sell your clothes, hairstyles, accessories, and backgrounds to other players. Be sure to post what you are selling at a good price because if you price things too low or too high, people may not be interested in buying your items.

Covet Fashion Mod Download


In this section, you can add friends and keep track of their Covet Fashion activities and scores, and they can do the same for you. You both benefit because when your friends like or buy something from your store, you get Covet Fashion Cash (CF$).

It’s a virtual currency to purchase clothes, hairstyles, and accessories. If they watch your Fashion Show or participate in Head-to-Toe Sale you get part of their votes. If two of your friends like both outfits or one outfit from each other’s Fashion Show, they will get CF$ too.

Fashion Alerts

You will get fashion updates, celebrity news and so much more straight to your inbox!

Fashion Shop

Where you can purchase all the things that are on sale in the Fashion Showroom with CF$ Currency. Here you can also get some of the clothes, hairstyles, accessories, and backgrounds for free when you level up.

Big Fish Games Social

Here you can get to know all the other players and see who’s online, chat with them, make a friend request or send a gift! You can also follow Covet Fashion on Twitter and view the Covet Fashion Facebook page under “More Covet” to get fashion news, and updates and have the opportunity to purchase Covet Fashion coupons from your favorite retailers!


You can use CF$ here to buy a virtual item or watch a video advertisement for more CF$.

Features of Covet Fashion Mod APK 

Here are the major features of covet fashion mod APK step by step guide given below;

  • Unlock all items in Covet Fashion – Clothes, Shoes & Accessories for free!
  • Unlimited coins to spend on the hottest looks from major designers.
  • Get daily rewards of new style drops delivered right into your wardrobe. Now you can dress up with more variety than ever before.
  • Dress your avatar in the season’s hottest looks and get a ton of likes from friends! Covet Fashion is all about being social.
  • Get access to exclusive daily sales for amazing deals on covetable items. Not everything can last forever, so snap up these steals before they’re gone!

Covet Fashion Download

Common FAQs About Covet Fashion Mod APK

Covet Fashion – Shopping Game APK is a very popular application in Google Play, but it also can be found that there are many players who have problems when playing this game. This time the writer will bring Common FAQs About Covet Fashion Mod for you for more complete information about common problems that occurred while playing this app.

Why do I have to pay for playing Covet Fashion?

This is one common question about any game that offers in-app purchase features, which are many games that exist now on Google Play Store. But the answer is very simple if you want to be a better player you can use Covet Fashion Mod APK and it’s so much easier than in many other games in Google Play Store.

 How to be a VIP in Covet Fashion?

Actually, your way of becoming a VIP player is by purchasing diamonds in this game or using Covet Fashion Mod APK which gives you unlimited access to all items that can be purchased with diamonds. The benefit of being a VIP player is you get every item in the game for free and you can purchase whatever you want without any limitations.

Which device should I use to play Covet Fashion?

If we talk about devices that support this game, there are two types of Android devices that are supported by this app. One is Android OS 2.3 or above version and another one is with 512MB RAM of your devices. So, if you have the newest device for android then this game will be a perfect choice to play.

How do I get more free diamonds in Covet Fashion?

This question can be answered easily by using Covet Fashion Mod because there are many ways to get diamonds in the game. You can purchase directly or you can use Covet Fashion Hack to increase your amount of free diamonds. This is very beneficial for your game progress.


If you’re into fashion or just want another fun way to pass time when bored at home alone, Covet Fashion Mod APK might be perfect for you. It is one of the most popular fashion games on Android. It has over 700K+ downloads and 4-star reviews from users who love its addicting gameplay.

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