Empire Four Kingdoms Mod APK 2023 v4.33.57 (Unlimited Money/Gems/Rubies)

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Empire Four Kingdoms Mod APK Unlimited Everything

Empire Four Kingdoms Mod APK is a mobile Strategy game. It features an empire in which you are the king or queen, and it has amazing graphics for its age. You can upgrade your empire by conquering neighboring lands, developing new technologies, and expanding your empire’s population through marriage alliances.

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Empire four kingdoms Mod APK Download

Features of Empire Four Kingdoms Mod APK

Do you want to build your dream empire and make it more beautiful? The graphics and animations are amazing. To train knights, fight with them in order for victory by collecting rewards from completing challenges or upgrading army power so they can be stronger than before.

Join different war zones available here at no cost whatsoever but don’t forget that every battle comes at its own risks. It’s time to get started now because this game is free of charge.

Features of Empire Four Kingdoms 

Empire Four Kingdoms was originally released in June 2013. This game is available to play for free (with optional in-app purchases) for anyone with an Android or iOS device. Here are some of the major features of this fantastic game;

Four Kingdoms

The east kingdom is very agricultural with a lot of open space along with some nice city locations. They get bonuses for happiness and loyalty which makes your people much more content than other kingdoms. Their units are generally weaker than the other kingdoms but they train quickly.

Central Kingdom

The central kingdom is probably the most balanced of the four in terms of food and production, though it lacks open land. They get a bonus to their defenses and this makes them tough in battle.

West Kingdom

The west kingdom has some nice bonuses to combat and a military offense that combined with their additional housing allows you to crank out units. They are not limited to ground troops like the east kingdom, but their defenses are definitely lacking.

Empire four kingdoms game

South Kingdom

The south kingdom has some neat bonuses that make them great for trade along with a bonus to happiness which allows you to quickly grow your empire. Their downside comes in the form of small borders and lack of production which hampers your city’s growth.


You start with a few cities and you will need to continue to expand your borders. Each new city costs more than the last and once you hit the cap your only option is to increase the level of existing cities or to take over other kingdoms. Each kingdom has access to resources that they can send to other kingdoms for bonus resources.

There are also six main resources, food, building materials, luxury goods, ore, laborers, and soldiers. These items are created at the city level using the seven different production buildings that exist in each one. City leveling requires a certain amount of individual resources which can be time-consuming to manage for larger empires so being aware of what you have is essential.


Warfare in the Four Kingdoms is handled through heroes and territory battles. At level 10 you will unlock a hero and at level 20, another one. These heroes can be equipped to fight in battles where they gain experience and eventually level up allowing them to learn new abilities. You will want to level them up as much as possible so they can be used in large territory battles.

Here are two different types of territory battles set on a 6×6 grid with your hero or heroes leading an army against the opponent. Each player has 30 turns to eliminate the other player’s heroes, kill their troops or capture enough flags to win. You can get a lot of resources from winning territory battles which is the key to being successful in the Four Kingdoms.

Territory Battles

The empire building part of Features of Empire Four Kingdoms is your standard fare for this style of game. Expand your borders, build new cities and upgrade them for higher yields. There are seven different production buildings for each resource which you will need to produce the six different types of resources.

The seventh resource, stone, is used for city upgrades and can also be sent to other kingdoms for additional bonuses. The higher level of the production building the more units it produces per turn so it becomes important to make sure your empire can support these buildings by having a high population.

Each city has limited spaces to build on so knowing what you want to build beforehand can help speed up production. With four kingdoms all producing different types of resources, it is easy to run out if you are not prepared.

Luckily there are plenty of different buildings for increasing school slots or increasing production rates to make sure your empire never goes hungry.

Empire four kingdoms Mod Download

FAQs of Empire Four Kingdoms Mod APK

What are the specifications required to run the game?

The specs required are a Pentium 4 or higher processor and a DirectX 9 compatible graphics card with at least 500 MB of memory. For more info, visit the official site.

How many servers does the E4K game has?

There are 3 servers on the E4K game. They are the International Server, Korea Server, and Japan Server;

Are these servers available globally?

No, there is a feature called “Server Selection” in the game that needs to be activated first before you can play. You need to create an Empire Four Kingdoms account first (click-me), then activate this feature via the e4k website;

How can I select my server?

After creating an Empire Four Kingdoms account (click here); go to the homepage of empire four kingdoms. net, then log into your account using your credentials; On the top bar where it’s written “Homepage”, just below that is a drop-down menu which says “Server Selection”, click it and select your server; Once you selected your server, now you can play the game.

What happens if I didn’t activate the Server Selection feature?

If you haven’t activated the Server Selection feature, a message will appear stating “No account found!” or “This application requires an Internet connection!”. You need to log into your account first before playing! –> Click me –> Click me

Will my character be deleted if I changed my server?

No, it won’t be deleted. However, any items that are left on the original server will be lost if you migrate over to the new server.

How can I change my character’s name?

You cannot change your character name in-game, but you CAN do so via the e4k website. To do so, go to Community -> Character Name Change.

What language does E4K game support?

As of now, E4K game currently supports 6 languages which are English, Chinese (Traditional), Korean, French, German and Japanese;

What is the level cap for each class?

The level cap for each class will vary depending on their stars. For example: 1-star classes like Archer or Peltast has a max level of 10; while 2-stars Classes like Spearman or Phalanx has a max level.


Empire Four Kingdoms Mod APK is a strategy game with four kingdoms and hundreds of troops. You can play as any one of the civilizations, each with its own unique units and skillets to choose from. This mod APK version has new features like customizing your kingdom’s banner and defending against attacks by placing troops in towers.

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