Era of Celestials Mod APK v2.1642.143862 (Unlimited Rubies & Gold)

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The era of Celestials Mod APK Unlimited Everything

The era of celestials mod APK is developed by famous game developer company GTarcade. It has simple but very interesting gameplay where you have to fight against real players worldwide in real-time. Just like other android games, The era of celestials mod apk also requires an internet connection in the first place to play online.

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Era of Celestials Mod APK Download

About Era of Celestials

Celestials are demi-gods, they rule various worlds in the universe. They defeat the monster and help the development of human civilization. There are three kinds of celestials, each one has its own special powers.

The first type is “Elemental Celestials”. The elementals personify natural forces and phenomena, also control various elements. The second type is “Manifested Celestials”. They don’t have a physical form but only a core locates in their birthplace or domain. The third type is “Physical Celestials”. They have a real body and can travel freely across space.

Features of Era of Celestials Mod APK

Let us discuss the features one by one:

New Classes

New classes have been added to the game:

– Gunslinger – A support class with a pistol, they help your team attack enemy positions from long range.

– Dark Templar – An assassin who deals with high DPS and can summon dark knights to fight by their side for a limited time.  Dark Templars deal large amounts of physical damage and also have some crowd control abilities.

Open World System

The era of Celestials has a new open-world system with missions, monsters, and bosses to fight.  You can choose which map you want to play on and select the difficulty level as well.  Each map for this Open World is large in size and contains up to 5-6 stages each.  These maps are not only used for leveling up but also contain rare items that drop frequently from mobs and bosses found on these maps.

Farming System

The era of Celestials Mod APK has an easier farming system available; players can get their desired materials by farming specific areas on each map. The farming area differs per type of material required: Gold, Diamond, Gems, etc. For example, if the Player needs gems they need to farm the area which contains gems only. This makes farming more efficient and lets your power level up faster.

New Equipment Types

New equipment types for Weapons, Armors, and Orbs have been added in this new APK Update:

– Boots – An equipment that gives a player a speed boost when equipped.  This is helpful for attacking from distance as well as getting out of tough situations quickly.

– Orb of Death – A new type of orb with a high critical hit rate but a low dodge rate. This is favorable for classes who need high damage per second or DPS, such as assassins or demon hunters, etc…

– Orbs – There are different types of orbs available for your heroes now: Poison/Curse/Slow/Stun Orbs. These orbs can be equipped with your heroes to increase your DPS output and help you in group play – especially when fighting tough bosses or hard missions.

Auto farming

Auto farm mode has been introduced in Era of Celestials Modded APK which lets players select a hero character and choose a stage from the open-world area by clicking on it. The modded apk will then start auto-farming that said mission till the time energy runs out, after which you have to wait for either 10 minutes or use special items called “Soul stones” to refill your XP & Gold bars to continue automatic farming. This new feature is very helpful for players who want to power level up their heroes fast.

Era of Celestials Download

New Legendary & Unique items

There are new legendary and unique items added to Era of Celestials APK which can be looted from any mob or boss in the map/open-world areas, so you don’t have to farm for these items – they drop frequently from mobs around the area.  You also get a chance of getting them by completing missions faster so that you can have more inventory space to hold this powerful unique equipment.

Balanced raids and hero abilities

This era of celestials has been completely balanced with all heroes having equal DPS output along with many other modifications made to match up with the era of celestials mod apk requirements.

Installation Guide of Era of Celestials Mod APK

You can install it using a third-party emulator software. In this process, you will not lose your official game data because your official game data is stored in the cloud server by default. You just have to follow our simple steps. You can also see how to install Xmodgames on Android.

1- First of all download the celestial mod apk from our website.

2- Now go to Settings> Security> And enable the Unknown Sources option in your phone settings menu. Otherwise, you won’t able to install third-party apps on your smartphone.

3- Install it and start playing. Have fun

Era of Celestials Mod Download

Common FAQs About Era of Celestials Mod APK

What is the era of celestials mod apk?

The era of celestials mod apk is the latest version developed by XModGames for android devices. It can help you level up your player to unlock awesome heroes, upgrade them to make them stronger, etc. and give you unlimited resources to support your gaming experience.

How era of celestials mod apk works?

The era of celestials mod APK lets you add resources such as gold, diamonds, and tokens without using any tricks or other tools, etc. You can simply download and install it and you will find that all kinds of resources have already been added and the game is running on its full version.

What are some of the features of the era of celestials mod APK?

Some of the features include unlimited gold, diamonds, and tokens, you will also get all kinds of heroes unlocked and upgraded. Even your player can be leveled up to 50 which is very rare in the game. There are lots of interesting modes.

Will I get unlimited resources or not?

You will get free unlimited resources without using any kind of trick, gem, cheat, or anything else that can harm your device. So you should feel safe while playing this game on your android devices.

How can I download the era of celestials mod apk?

You can easily download it from the given link that has been provided and once you have downloaded it, you can install and play without an internet or WI-FI connection.

What android version does support the era of celestials mod apk?

The era of celestials mod APK is available in the latest version and works very perfectly on android devices. You can also play it with a PC or laptop by using an android emulator, but you will need to download certain things before playing. For this reason, we have provided a direct link for the era of celestials mod APK download.


You may have been looking for a way to get more from your mobile gaming experience. If so, the Era of Celestials Mod APK might be just what you need. This is an online game that features a variety of characters and quests, but if you want them all at once then this download will do it for you.

Furthermore, it’s available in both English and Chinese languages and takes up less than 4 MB on your device which means it won’t slow down performance or use too much battery power as some games can. Plus, the graphics are really impressive with 3D animations and everything runs smoothly without lag time when playing–at least not yet. But we’ll update our post as soon as any issues arise.

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