Eternium Mod APK + OBB 2023 v1.5.89 (Unlimited Gems/Rubies, God Mode)

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Eternium Mod APK Unlimited Everything

As we all know that Eternium Mod APK is a modified version of the Eternium game which is basically a Role-playing game (RPG). Eternium Mod APK is not the Official version of the game so it might have some sort of bugs or glitches. So before installing it on your Android phone, make sure you read this article fully.

Eternium MOD offers infinite health, mana, and much more. But I recommend you to use it only if you are a Pro Gamer otherwise beginners should not touch that because it might ruin their gameplay experience.

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In the Eternium MOD Apk, you can get all premium in-app purchases things for free. So if you’re a gamer who doesn’t want to buy in-app purchases in the play store then this modded version is best for you.

Eternium Mod APK Latest Version

The gameplay of Eternium Mod APK

Eternium Mod APK is the Role Playing Game (RPG) where players find themselves in a world full of magic and evil forces trying hard to uncover the secret behind time travel. In this battle, players will have to build an army of monstrous creatures from different corners of the universe so they can fight together against other powerful bosses and foes.

In this epic adventure, you need to choose your hero from 4 available classes: Mage, Warrior, Shaman, and Warden. Each one of these classes has its own unique abilities and fighting styles.

OK, so now I think you’ve got almost half of the idea about this game so here’s some information about Eternium Mod APK before installing it on your Android device.

Eternium Mod APK Download Latest Version

Eternium MOD requires Android version 4.0 or higher because it is basically an HD game for smartphones with high-resolution graphics which offer beautiful scenes and landscapes along with an amazing storyline that allows players to choose their hero from 4 different classes.

On the other hand, Eternium MOD Apk is based on a Role-playing game (RPG) where players find themselves in a world full of magic and evil forces trying hard to uncover the secret behind time travel. In this battle, players will have to build an army of monstrous creatures from different corners of the universe so they can fight together against other powerful bosses and foes.

Eternium MOD Apk offers more than 40 epic quests, tons of legendary items, weapons, and armor along with guilds where players can show their allegiance in order to get special rewards. Also, this game is not too hard or easy that’s why anyone can play it easily. OK, now here are some tricks that you need to know before Installing Eternium Mod APK on your Android device.

Eternium Game

Features of Eternium Mod APK

★ INFINITE GEMS & GOLD (Works only on the server 5)




NOTE: You should have a good CPU to run this game otherwise it will lag a little bit. Also, Eternium Mod APK requires an internet connection to run, or else you’ll have only 4-5 Heroes unlocked and other stuff locked. So I recommend you to connect your device with a WIFI network before playing this game. And one more thing, if the size of the file is larger than 1GB then install it using your PC instead of mobile because sometimes apps don’t support Androids for large files.

In conclusion, this game is Epic, you should give it a try. But before starting this game make sure your device has at least 2GB ram or else it will lag.

If you have any problems regarding installation then feel free to contact me through the comment section below. Also if you find any issue with the Eternium MOD APK download then report us through the comment section below because I’ll solve your problems ASAP.

Now without wasting much time let’s get started with Installing ETERNIUM MOD APK on Android devices for Unlimited Gems & Gold.

NOTE: Some users are reporting that this method is not working for them even after following all instructions carefully so in that case you can contact us through the section and we will assist you

Eternium Game Download

Common FAQs About Eternium Mod APK

Following are the most common question about Eternium Mod APK.

What’s Eternium Mod?

Eternium is a Role-Playing Game (RPG) for Android devices that was released in the year 2016 by Holy Cow Productions, LLC. The story of this game revolves around a female protagonist who has to save the world from an evil army with the help of her friends and other NPCs (Non-playing characters).

Is this game free to play?

Well if you ask me then no! because it would be too easy to play that way but I must say that there are some items in the game that can only be bought by spending real money on them so it really becomes difficult to complete the game without spending anything on it unless you are ready to complete the game without spending a single penny on it. So I would recommend you not to think about completing the game without using Eternium Mod Apk.

Can we use Cheats or Mods?

Well if you ask me then definitely yes! because it is very easy to make a mod of your favorite games and apps which will do nothing but increase our experience by helping us in getting free lives, coins, etc from time to time as well as allow us to enjoy unlimited fun by adding new features into it that were never there at all before. This way we can enjoy more than what the developer has put forward for us which makes sense only when you play a modified version of any app or game.

 Can I play this game on my PC?

Well if you ask me then no! because there is nothing called Eternium for PC which means you cannot install the special emulator of Android through which we can make use of android apps and games on our Android devices but there are some mods available for the game by a different developer that will help you get a keyboard attached to your device allowing us to control both the outlook of this game along with its functionalities easily which is also pretty good special thing about it instead of playing it using touch controls.

What’s New In This Modded Apk?

Well if you ask me then here are some features that the new version of this game will be there on your phone after using Eternium Mod APK:

1- All characters can be unlocked without any purchases. Just install our modded apk and play it normally till the end to unlock all characters for free.

2. Unlocked Unlimited Coins

3. Unlock unlimited Gems

4. Unlock All Weapons and Armors

5. Unlock Free 100,000 Gold

6. Unlock Free 10 Mystical Orbs

7. Unlimited Energy

8. No Ads

9. Immortal Mode (Unlimited HP)

10. Infinite Stamina etc.


So, you are now fully aware of Eternium Mod APK and all set for playing this amazing game. Just follow the given instructions and download the Mod APK file in your device. After downloading it, you can install this game within no time. So, go ahead and give it a try right now.

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