Evertale Mod APK + Obb 2022 v2.0.60 (Unlimited/Soul Stone, God Mode)

Evertale Mod APK Unlimited Everything

Every tale is a Role-Playing game developed by Game Insight, the makers behind the popular My Tribe series. It is currently in the beta stage and though it’s not available in all locations. You can download the Evertale Mod APK directly to your phone or chrome browser from our website.

The game is pretty fun if you are into catching monsters or MMORPGs. The game reminds us a lot of the old Pokemon series, in the sense that you have to make in-game purchases in order to progress in the game.

How we can forget to mention the unmatchable features of Evertale Mod. Well, you will not have to forget it as here we are going to show you some of the best features of Evertale Apk. These key points will help you decide whether to use the mod APKor not.

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There are a lot of players who think that a mod APK is something that makes them play the game in an unlimited way but this isn’t true at all because a mod APK just offers more graphics and a better gaming experience without removing any obstacle from your way of success or victory. In simple words, by using a mod APK you can unlock (if you can’t do it otherwise) features of the game that are really not meant to be unlocked by a normal player. Well, that’s about the mod APK and how it works.

Evertale Mod Download

Features of Evertale Mod APK

Now let’s talk about some amazing key points of Evertale Mod Apk and know what makes this mod apk one of its kind:

A new map for unlimited fun

The first thing which we fell in love with is the newly designed map of EVERTALE MOD APK. There is so much to explore in this part, so much to kill in this world, so much to achieve in this magical land that will never make us bored. Moreover, the entire environment is re-modeled according to the expectations of the players.

More heroes for more fun

You can now use up to 16 different types of heroes which you had no chance to use before because it was impossible to unlock all those amazing characters without spending any money on IAPs. Now your dream of dominating the game by dominating the most powerful heroes has come true with evertale mod apk, so enjoy!

Evertale Mod APK Latest Version

New enemies for new strategies

The best thing about EVERTALE MOD APK is that now instead of one type of enemy, you will have to face three different enemies who are also very smart and talented in their own way just like you are. This makes this world a better place for gamers as they have some tough challenges ahead of them.

Better fighting experience

There are many players who think that fighting in EVERTALE MOD APK is very tough because the opponents are above average in strength and abilities but this isn’t true, however, if you defeat them then it will be much easier for you to take on other challenges as well.

Evertale Mod Apk has all the amazing features of a mod apk which makes it one of its kind. Just a word of advice doesn’t compare this with any other mod apks because only comparisons can corrupt your mind and make you feel that Evertale Mod apk isn’t better! Well, we have tried our best to justify our point so what do you say?

Evertale Mod APK Download

Evertale Mod APK Download Guide

So now if you are ready to use this mod apk then the downloading process has also been simplified for you. You just have to follow these steps and your download will begin automatically:

Step 1- First of all download the file from here.

Step 2- Then move it to your phone’s internal memory or SD card.

Step 3- After moving the downloaded file on your device, disconnect it from the PC.

Step 4- Now go to Settings >> Security >> Tick mark on Unknown sources option. This is very important as without this option checked, Evertale Mod Apk cannot run properly.

Step 5- Go back to the home screen and tap on the Evertale Mod Apk icon and start playing

Common FAQs About Evertale Mod APK

What is Evertale Mod APK?

Evertale mod APK is a role-playing game for android only. It’s only available on Android devices, not iPhones or iPads. It features many weapons and items to use, tons of enemies to kill, dungeons to explore, bosses to defeat and more! I have played this game since its release in May 2015. However it isn’t being maintained anymore so there are little updates coming out nowadays. Nevertheless it still has lots of players enjoying the game today! Most people download this game for free off the Google Play Store but sadly the version you get from there isn’t very stable or full of bugs that are currently known by users. So that’s why people are downloading mods.

What are the requirements to play Evertale?

The game is only available on android devices so specifically an Android device running 4.0+. The game itself has no IAPs or micro-transactions, everything in the game can be unlocked by playing through it! If you have access to a computer and some free time, you can always visit ” www.farmingforatlas.com ” and farm for lots of items such as those needed to upgrade your weapons (e.g.) Fire Sword (Volcano) which is required to join the Mountain Peak Quest on Act V which gives you good rewards that will help you progress further into Evertale! You can also visit FFA for farming rare boss drops like Elemental Fangs, which you need to upgrade your Fire Sword (Volcano).

How do I play Evertale?

The game starts when you create an account. You will be asked for a username and password with which you can log in through Facebook or Google+. You can also choose to play offline by signing in locally on the game itself. Whenever you play online however, there is always a chance that players may kill you when ever they feel like it! If this happens often, just keep playing the game offline until later levels where most players cannot follow you very easily. You can then enjoy playing online for other reasons such as co-op runs against difficult bosses or simply farm items from other players that are lower level.


In the end, we would tell you that this game is free-to-play, however, there are optional in-app purchases. The game requires an internet connection to play. Evertale Mod APK is the latest game by Evertale Inc., whose previous game, Sky Island, was downloaded 100 million times on iOS and Android.

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