Final Fantasy Record Keeper Mod APK v8.2.0 (Unlimited Money/Gems)

Final Fantasy Record Keeper Mod APK Unlimited Everything

The final fantasy record keeper is a game that has been around for quite some time. It’s an RPG with plenty of different characters to choose from. The final fantasy record keeper mod APK offers great visuals and sound effects, making it one of the best games on the market today. So, If you are looking for a new game to play, then look no further than this final fantasy record keeper.

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Final Fantasy Record Keeper Mod APK Download

The gameplay of Final Fantasy Record Keeper

  • The final fantasy record keeper is a role-playing game that you can play with players all over the world.
  • You will be able to become one of your favorite characters from Final Fantasy and fight through dungeons and bosses. You also have the ability to collect new abilities and equipment along the way! The more enemies you defeat, the more experience you gain, making your character stronger.
  • You can create parties with up to five members and battle powerful enemies in order to obtain epic loot. There are also daily dungeons that provide additional challenges. You’ll even be able to join forces with other players in special raid events for the chance at more rewards than ever before.
  • As you fight your way through a realm known as The World of Light, you’ll also have to defeat iconic bosses like Sephiroth and the Ice Titan. And if it’s the loot that will help get you ahead in battle, then look no further than Final Fantasy Record Keeper! You can equip your heroes with powerful equipment that contains new abilities.
  • You can work together with other players to create the perfect strategy, or engage them in head-to-head battles! It’s all up to you

Final Fantasy Record Keeper Mod

Features of Final Fantasy Record Keeper Mod APK

By now, Final Fantasy Record Keeper has become one of the most played role-playing games on iOS. And if you’re looking to play some Android games like FF: Record Keeper, then look no further because we have some top 5 FF: Record Keeper alternatives here!

Let’s see some of the promising features of the Final Fantasy Record Keeper Mod APK Version.

The Game is Available for Free

Well, this shouldn’t be a reason because most of the games are available for free. However, not all offer a lot to experience and enjoy as much as this game does. Yes, it’s true that at first players have to pay a certain amount of in-game currency to try out a dungeon, but that is only after the player has completed the initial tutorial. And then also, one can access many dungeons and stages without any need for in-game purchases.

Quick Combat System with Auto Battle Feature

Unlike other role-playing games, Final Fantasy Record Keeper offers a quick combat mode which makes the game more interesting. When in normal mode, players have to do all the attacking and defending themselves. But with the auto-battle feature, one can speed up the gameplay easily by letting the game take control of these actions.

Limit Breaking for New Abilities

Another impressive feature of the Final Fantasy Record Keeper Mod APK Version is Limit Breaking. As discussed earlier, players have to collect a lot of Memory Crystals within the game because it contains character abilities and commands that are needed to clear dungeons as well as go through various missions.

There are two ways to get crystals: either player use Lapis which they can purchase with real money or try their luck by clearing stages and dungeons in the game. But there is a catch: Memory Crystals come in different rarities and thus can’t be fused with each other.

However, this problem has been resolved by introducing the Limit Break feature where players can raise their character’s level limit by fusing two same-star crystals together. Having said that, it is true that this process consumes the Memory Crystals, but by doing so players can break their limits and make them more powerful.

Final Fantasy Record Keeper Mod Download

Common FAQs About Final Fantasy Record Keeper Mod APK

How to download and install Final Fantasy Record Keeper Mod APK?

You can download the latest version of FF RK MOD APK from our website with direct links. Just click on the download button down this page. After completing the downloading process, you have to check your phone settings so that “Unknown sources” are enabled in order to access the downloaded files.

(To check this option go to Settings > Security or Settings > Applications / Unknown sources on your phone.) Now, you can install the FF RK mod APK on your smartphone with no restrictions.

Which is the best class in Final Fantasy Record Keeper Mod Apk?

Each character has its own special abilities that suit different playstyles, but here are our three favorites:

Warrior of Light (WoL): His passive ability lets him gain 30% more health when leveling up, and he has several abilities that allow him to dish out damage over time, making him the perfect candidate for long battles.

Thief: With his high-speed capabilities, he can get in and out of battles very quickly. His passive ability reduces wait times after battling by 20%, which means you can take on more enemies without spending too much time waiting around.

Evoker: Her magic attack capabilities are amazing because she can summon all the Summons to help her. She’s also able to move around quickly, which makes it easy for her to dodge attacks and get out of sticky situations.

Is Final Fantasy Record Keeper APK only for android or IOS platforms?

This game is developed for both android and IOS platforms.

Is FFRK Mod Apk Safe to use? Some sites providing fake links?

FFRK Mod APK has been developed by a third-party developer who mod the original game file and uploads it for users to download. We provide reliable and 100% working links to our users. We do not inject any virus, malware, or spyware into your device.

Is it legal to use FFRK Mod Apk?

Yes, it is totally legal you can download and play this game for free of cost.


When it comes to the best action games in the world then Final Fantasy Record Keeper Mod APK is always on the top because of its outclass features. It has millions of players around the world which makes it famous all over the world.

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