GTA 5 APK + DATA 2023 v1.09 Download for Android

GTA 5 APK is an amazing game with a lot of features in the GTA series. There are many missions in this game and you can explore all the places in GTA V APK. This game has been developed by Rockstar Games, which also developed GTA San Andreas and GTA IV.

Information About GTA 5 APK

RequirementsAndroid 5.0 and Up
Size22 MB
Updated On2 Days Ago
DeveloperRockstar Games

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GTA 5 APK Download Latest Version

GTA 5 APK is the latest entry in the Grand Theft Auto series. It was developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. The game was released in December 2012 for game lovers.

Grand Theft Auto V has been downloaded more than 50 million times, so it’s one of the most popular games on Android same as GTA Vice City APK. If you want to enjoy it on your PC or Mac without any problems, you need to download this GTA 5 APK based on the Android 4.0 version (Ice Cream Sandwich) and install it on your computer.

Features of GTA 5 APK

Amazing Graphics

The graphics of this game are amazing. The graphics are so realistic that it makes you feel like you are playing in real life. This game has tons of features that make it even more realistic and gives you an experience like no other game. The car driving and gun shooting are also very realistic and they have a huge impact on the gameplay. 

Great Soundtrack

GTA 5 has good sound quality and it makes you feel like you are really playing a movie rather than playing a video game on your computer screen or mobile device. The sound effects also make it even better when you play this game as they do not lag at all when you press any button on your phone or laptop screen.

Play on Multiple Devices

This is one of the main features of the game. You can play this game on multiple devices. The game is available for Android, iOS, and Windows OS. You can also play it on your TV through Chromecast. This feature makes it easier to enjoy the game with your friends and family members at home as well as on the go.

GTA 5 APK Latest Version

Download Free

The game is the most downloaded game in the world. It has been downloaded more than 100 million times by players around the world. So this game is very popular among people and you can download it for free.

Play Online

You can play online against other players from around the world. There are also some online games where you can compete with other players in real-time and win prizes.

Build Your Own City

You can build your own city with different buildings by using the funds you earn throughout the game. You can also customize your character with clothes and accessories so that it looks different from all other characters in the game.

Build Your Own Car

You can build your own car and customize it with different colors, wheels, etc., which will make your driving experience more fun and exciting.

Multiple Weapons

The weapon system in GTA V has been upgraded significantly. You can now carry up to three weapons at a time and switch between them whenever you want. The weapons range from pistols, assault rifles, shotguns, and sniper rifles. There are also explosive devices like grenades that can be used to cause damage and get rid of police vehicles.

New Vehicles

You will find all kinds of vehicles in GTA V. From cars to tanks, helicopters, and even planes, there are many different types of vehicles you can use to complete missions or just for fun. Each vehicle has its own unique abilities and strengths and will require you to use them in different ways depending on the situation at hand.

GTA 5 APK Free

New Jobs

There are many different types of jobs in GTA V which include everything from driving taxis to being a drug dealer or even working as a bodyguard for celebrities! These jobs are not easy but if you want to earn money quickly then these jobs will definitely help you out with this task.

Character Customization

There is no doubt that every player wants his character to look different from other players. This is why there are various outfits for the characters in the game that you can customize your character with these outfits. You can even change your hairstyle and facial features with these items as well. It will surely make you more attractive than other players in the game.

Customizable Cars & Bikes

The cars and bikes in the game have been made very realistic as they look exactly like real-world cars and bikes. You can select any car or bike that you want and then modify it according to your preference by adding different features like tinting or putting stickers on it. This will help you get rid of any police officer or enemy who tries to stop you while driving a car or bike in GTA 5 APK Mod Free.


How to get GTA 5 APK no verification 100 workings?

The answer is simple; you will need to download the latest version of GTA 5 APK from our website. You can download it by clicking on this link. There is no need to verify your phone because we do not require a verification code for any of our files. You can also download it without a password as well.

Can We get GTA 5 APK 35 MB free?

Yes. You can download it on your Android device from our website by clicking on the above download button.

Can we play GTA 5 on PC?

Yes, you can play GTA 5 on a PC with better graphics and sound quality than of mobile version. However, the game will be unavailable for download in some countries like China.

Is GTA 5 APK safe to install?

Yes, it is completely safe to install and use, but you should only do so at your own risk. This modded APK will not harm your device in any way, but if you have any doubts or concerns about it then you should stay away from installing it.

What is the maximum number of players in GTA 5?

The maximum number of players allowed in GTA 5 is 16. If you want to play with more than 16 players, you will have to use a mod or hack to play with more than 16 people.


GTA 5 APK is the best alternative game you will play on your mobile device. When you play this game, you can feel the real experience of driving a car in a city. You will be more comfortable with GTA 5 APK than any other alternative over there at the Play store. This game is totally addictive, and anyone would have fun playing it. We have mentioned everything about the game in our article to help you decide if the game is worth your time or not.

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