Iron Blade Mod APK 2023 v2.3.0h (Unlimited Money/Rubies/Diamond)

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Iron Blade Mod APK Unlimited Everything

Iron Blade is the best action game with an Ironclad story of revenge, where players exterminate hordes of enemies and bosses in action-packed battles. The Iron Blade Mod APK will have you fighting against all odds to save the Iron Realm from a ruthless invasion that has left death and destruction in its wake.

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Iron Blade Game Play

Iron Blade is a 3D action role-playing game, combining hack and slash elements with strategy. You take control of characters from different fictions to save the world from the darkness that attacks it. It’s up to you to search for your missing family through a vast kingdom infested with enemies. To do so, you’ll have to travel through fantastical locations inspired by real historical events and famous legends.

The main character in Iron Blade: Medieval Legends is a young man who wakes up alone in the middle of a forest, after suffering an unknown accident. He does not remember his name or anything about his past. The only thing he can recall is an important mission that was given to him by his father: “You must find the Iron Blade and stop the curse that is plaguing our kingdom.” Seeking answers, he decides to set out on a journey.

As you travel deep into enemy territory, you’ll learn about your enemies, as well as your true self. Your skills will increase as you defeat your opponents, and you’ll acquire better weapons and armor.

Your character will level up throughout the game, giving you access to new combos and special attacks. You can equip yourself with more than 100 weapons (swords, knives and two-handed swords) and more than 50 pieces of equipment (armor, shields and accessories). The equipment will not only improve the statistics of your character, but also change his appearance.

Kings, queens and jesters are among the enemies you’ll come across which will force you to use your intellect to defeat them. These enemies might be stronger than you at first, but after defeating them several times they will level up. If you’re successful at defeating them, you will unlock new items.

The game’s battle system allows players to create their own combos by stringing together different attacks. Players can also block and parry incoming attacks.

Iron Blade includes single-player and multiplayer modes. There are four different types of enemies that players will encounter during the game’s campaign mode, each with its own style of play. Players can defeat more challenging enemies for better rewards.

Iron Blade game

Features of Iron Blade Game

Iron Blade” is a small-sized mobile game by Gameloft, which is one of the big brands in video game industry. It’s simple but also attractive because it has elements from “Tales of” series. You can play it on both Android and iOS platform now. Let me introduce the features of this game below.

Weapon and Armor Selection

Several kinds of weapons including swords, spears, mace and etc will be provided in this game. Each weapon has different stats so it’s important for you to choose them according to situation. Armor also have different features so you need to select them according to your play style.

Max Stats

Stats of your character is very important as well because it makes a big difference during battles especially in PvP mode. In addition, some items including health potions and buffing scrolls will be temporary increased if your stats are more than the required number.

Battle Formation

After entering into PvP mode, you will see that your character is standing at the right side of the screen while others are on left. Each battle formation has its own special skill so it’s important for you to look at them before starting a match.


Each character has different skills and you can activate them when the required number of orbs is collected during battles. There are mainly three types of skills including normal, spiritual and ultimate skill; the latter ones require more orbs to be activated which makes them more powerful than others.

Equipment & Substitute

Equipment will be consumed as you use skills and if your character loses all of them, he/she will have substitute for the next match. Substitute has a very low defense capability so you need to protect it carefully otherwise, your main character could die easily after losing substitute.

Stage Difficulty & Reward

Main character will get tougher when you clear more difficult stages. They will be able to deal more damage in battles or lose fewer health points. You can also gain special items after completing each stage in normal difficulty, which makes it very important for you to clear them without taking too much time.

Element Advantage & Disadvantage

There are four elements in this game including fire, earth, water and wind. It’s not easy to deal damage to elemental creatures because they are very tough even if you have the advantage. And vice versa, it will be difficult to win against them without an element disadvantage.


Gold is important currency which you need to spend on many things including equipment, skill books and etc. At the beginning of game, you will get some gold by clearing normal stages while you need to spend some real money on others after that. You can also gain some more by defeating bosses but it’s not easy because they are very tough especially when your team is using second or third grade weapons/armor.


There are 3 kinds of resources including Energy, Stamina and Gems in this game. Energy is consumed when you activate skills during fights while Stamina is used for entering PvP mode more than 3 times per day. Tokens are required for opening chests which can be gained by clearing stages or bought using gems at the shop.


You can see a list of your friends when entering into the main menu and you can add them quickly if their ID is already in your smartphone book. Some stages require team work in order to win so you need to communicate with each other via voice chat application such as Kakao Talk, Line or etc.

Dungeons & Bosses

Dungeons are available through daily quests or by clearing stages in normal difficulty. You can defeat bosses after entering into the dungeons and they are very tough to defeat even when you have a high level character because their stats will be increased greatly during boss battles.

Iron Blade Mod download

General FAQs About Iron Blade Mod APK

I’m getting force closes! Did you guys copy-paste without even testing?

No, we assure you that this is not the case. We tested all of our apps before uploading them so it shouldn’t be giving any issues unless your phone is rooted and has Xposed installed or something similar. Or maybe there’s some other underlying issue with your device’s OS / firmware which prevents apps from running properly when modified in certain ways.

But in most cases when people get force closes all they really need to do is uninstall any incompatible apps they might have installed recently, like antivirus software or stuff like that. You may also want to try refraining from using Hola or any proxy connections when you use our modded apks unless it’s absolutely necessary (like in certain educational / security apps for example).

Will this work on my tablet?

No, this is designed only for smartphones! It will not work with tablets at all.

Why isn’t it working?! I’m getting crashes or messages saying “This item is not available in your country.”

Most of the time if you’re getting messages like this it means that one of the items listed below could be true: You don’t have enough free space on your device OR you have too much free space for your device to properly read. You need to delete / uninstall some apps or files that you have no interest in.

We recommend clearing up some space via the first method as it’s the easier one, but if you DO NOT want to go through with deleting files then try the second thing. Some of our users have had success fixing this issue by doing a factory reset on their devices, however we are not responsible if you lose any data by following this advice and we do not recommend you doing it unless all else fails! You might also want to make sure that all of your ‘Unknown Sources’ settings (found in Settings -> General) are checked ON.

This allows 3rd party like ours and others (those not found on Google Play) to be installed on your device. The modded apk might have been corrupted during the upload process which means it won’t install properly. Just start over by following each of the steps in this guide again, being sure you do so TWICE before posting a comment about it as most likely it’s something you missed.

Which Android version(s) does this work for?

Iron Blade Mod APK should only work on Android 4.0 and above (tested up to Android 7 Nougat). There is no root required for using our mods, but if your device is rooted then all of powers combined with our methods will give you unlimited everything! You can find more info regarding rooting here.

Is this legal?

Yes, it is 100% legal as long as you own a copy of Iron Blade installed on your device before using our modded apk.

Will my save data carry over with the modded apk?

No, unfortunately once you uninstall the original game all save files will be deleted entirely along with it, so please make sure that you either backup your data if you want to keep playing the same character or start anew if there’s no point in transferring anything over.

Any future plans for updates / new versions of the modded apk?

We are always looking at ways to improve our mods iron out any issues players are having, so if you’ve got any feedback or suggestions then please leave it in a comment on this article.


Download the new Iron Blade Mod APK. It’s free! The best part is you can play it on your phone or tablet, so no more gaming consoles taking up space in your house. And if you’re tired of playing alone, there are plenty of people to interact with online using this app. We’ve found that the game has a wide variety of levels and challenges for players which means there’s always something fun to do when we get bored of our previous tasks. Give it a try today!

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