Kinemaster Gold APK + Mod 2023 v6.1.1.27211.GP (No Watermark) for Android

The Kinemaster Gold APK is a very powerful video editor app that helps you to edit your video in a professional way. It has a lot of options which makes it a perfect choice for those who want to shoot videos and create cool effects with them.

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Information About Kinemaster Gold APK

NameKinemaster Gold APK
RequirementsAndroid 5.0 and Up
Size25 MB
Updated On3 Days Ago
DeveloperKinemaster Team
Mod Info
  • Complete Unlocked
  • Premium Feaures
  • No Watermark

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Kinemaster Gold Mod APK Fully Unlocked

Kinemaster Gold Mod APK Video Editor is a video editor that allows you to create videos of any length and size. You can use it to make short videos, music videos, or even full-length movies. Kinemaster Gold APK Video Editor is designed for professionals and beginners alike.

The app has several features that make it easy to edit your videos. You can add special effects such as subtitles, panoramas, and transitions. You can also apply filters that will help you create a unique look for your project. The app also supports voice memos so that you can record yourself while creating videos.

Features of Kinemaster Gold Mod APK

Ads Removed

Kinemaster Gold is the world’s first video editor for Android devices, combining the power of a professional video editing suite with the simplicity and ease of use of an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. With over 700 built-in effects, transitions, and title templates, you can easily add captivating titles to your videos without needing to be a professional editor.

Watermark Removed

Kinemaster Gold Mod APK is a modded version of the official app and it does not have watermarks on its videos. This helps you save time because you do not have to crop out the watermark from your video before uploading it on social media or other websites.

The App Supports

The app supports the most popular formats including MP4, WebM, MOV, and AVI. While working with videos, you can add captions or subtitles in different languages.

Kinemaster Gold APK All Features

Friendly Interface

The app has an easy-to-use interface and a wide range of features that make it ideal for professional photographers. The app provides users with basic editing tools like trimming, cropping and adding titles. However, it offers more advanced editing options such as color correction, adjusting exposure and white balance, sharpening images, applying filters to enhance photos, and adding captions to videos.

Blur Your Photos

The app allows you to choose from several different effects such as blur, watermark, and light leaks. You can also choose from a variety of music tracks to add to your video. In addition, you can choose from various color themes for your video.

Add Text Style

The Kinemaster Video Editor APK allows you to add text to your videos. You can use it for creating voice-over audio, subtitles, and more. It is a perfect tool for those who want to make their videos more interesting and professional.

Add Transitions

The Kinemaster Video Editor APK comes with a host of transitions that can help you create unique effects in your video. You can use these transitions to create an exciting scene or add some creativity to your video. The transitions are very easy to use and you can add them easily by simply dragging them over the timeline in the app.

Cut/Copy/Paste Video Clips

There are three different ways to cut or copy a video clip: by selecting the desired area, or by using the crop tool and then selecting the area which you want to copy. This feature makes it easy for you to select an area of your video clip and then paste it somewhere else. The other option is to use the paste tool, which lets you simply paste any part of your video clip from one location to another easily.

Separate Audio & Video Tracks

This feature helps you keep track of both audio and video tracks in your project at all times. You can easily split your audio and video tracks into separate tracks so that they don’t interfere with each other when editing your project.

Create Titles and Spices

In addition to cutting and pasting clips, you can also create titles and spice up your videos using this app’s title editor feature. The title editor comes with text input fields that let you add subtitles to your videos. It also allows you to create custom titles based on keywords that match the original video’s metadata.

Zoom In & Out

You can zoom in or out while editing your video clips by simply dragging your finger around the screen while holding down the screen lock button on your Android phone’s screen. The zoom feature works perfectly on all Android devices including old models.

Merge Videos

Merge Videos is one of the most useful features of Kinemaster Gold Mod APK. It allows you to merge two videos together and make them into one single video. You can use this feature to make your YouTube videos more interesting and attractive. The app offers a wide range of filters for merging videos. It also allows you to edit the transition effects and add music tracks for a better experience.

Add Text

You can also add text to your videos with Kinemaster Gold Mod APK. It allows you to insert text, images, or even GIFs in your video clips easily. This feature also comes with various fonts that you can use while adding text to your videos. You can use it as an editor or just like a simple video editor that allows you to add text to your video clips easily without any problems at all.


Cut Out Clips

The app has a feature called ‘Cut Out Clips’ which helps users cut out certain sections from their videos easily without changing the original length of the clip itself. This feature is very useful for editing long videos into shorter ones that are relevant for mobile viewing purposes or social media sharing.

Merge Videos

Merging videos is the most powerful feature of Kinemaster Gold Apk. You can easily merge any two videos together to create a single video. It comes with an easy-to-use interface that lets you add multiple videos, split them into different parts, and merge them all together in an instant.

Add Background Music

You can add Background Music to your video by just dragging and dropping it on the timeline. This feature allows you to have control over the background music you want your video to have. You can also set up multiple themes for different videos depending on their moods or events happening in them.

Create Slideshows

You can make slideshows by simply dragging and dropping pictures onto the timeline. This feature makes it easy for you to create slideshows of any type of picture on your phone or computer depending on your needs. You can even make animated slideshows where they move around while playing music behind them!

High-Quality Audio

Audio quality is optimized with advanced algorithms to deliver ultra-high quality sound.

Other Features of Kinemaster Gold Mod APK

  1. There are seven different editing modes including split-screen, single-column, double-column, and vertical.
  2. The app also supports voiceover recording and time-lapse video recording.
  3. It can record videos in 4K resolution and 1080p resolution.
  4. You can edit videos in slow motion, fast forward, reverse and rewind speed.
  5. There are many filters for image processing including noise reduction, chromatic aberration correction, distortion correction, and more.

Kinemaster Gold APK Download Guide

  • Firstly, Download the APK file by clicking on the above download button
  • Now, Allow the “Unknown Sources” from the settings of your phone
  • After this, tap on the downloaded file to start the installation
  • When the installation is completed, you can use the app free

Kinemaster Gold APK Download Guide

FAQs of Kinemaster Gold Mod APK

Is there a trial version for Kinemaster Gold Mod APK Video Editor?

Yes, there is a free trial version of this app. You can download it from the store or by clicking on the download button at the end of this page.

Can I use Kinemaster Gold Mod APK Video Editor on my PC?

Yes, you can use this app on your computer. The size of the app is 1MB and less than 60 MB in size. It will take less than 5 minutes to install on your PC and you can use it without any problems.

Does Kinemaster Gold Mod APK Video Editor work with Windows 8?

No, it does not work with Windows 8 but you can use it with Windows 7 and 10 perfectly fine as well!

What is the mod version of the app?

The mod version of the app will include all the premium features such as ad-free and unlimited photo editing.

Do I need a rooted device to use this app?

No, you don’t need any root access to use this app. However, if you have a rooted device then you can enjoy some minor features in this app like ad-free features, unlimited photo editing, etc.


Kinemaster Gold APK is a video editor software that allows you to edit video, convert multiple audio formats, and add special effects. This application is equipped with many powerful tools such as the ability to convert any format into another, the ability to make your own DVD or Blu-ray, and more. Kinemaster Gold provides an extensive set of editing tools for users who want to create professional videos. It has everything you need for creating high-quality videos in just a few steps.

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