Legacy of Discord Furious Wings Mod APK v2.5.7 (Unlimited Diamonds)

Experience intense real-time combat as you hack, slash, and blast your way through a vast fantasy world! Party with friends to raid treacherous Dungeons or clash against rivals in the Arena and large-scale PvP Battlegrounds in Legacy of Discord Furious Wings Mod APK.
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Legacy of Discord Furious Wings Mod APK Unlimited Everything

Legacy of Discord Furious Wings Mod APK is an extremely popular MMORPG game. It was released in the year 2015 for Android, Windows and iOS devices. The game got published by GTArcade. This game features thrilling game play along with impressive graphics, brilliant sound track and amazing characters.

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Legacy of Discord Furious Wings Mod Download

Features of Legacy of Discord Furious Wings Game

There are many different features of this game. It is for this reason that it has become very popular and the large number of downloads on Google play store.

Interesting Characters

The first feature of Legacy of Discord Furious Wings Game is that there are various types of characters or you can say heroes with different abilities and powers. The user can unlock these heroes by completing certain levels or tasks which shows his prowess in the game. There are four main heroes available namely – warrior, mage, archer and assassin. A new hero will be released after a particular time interval which again provides a sense of excitement to the players.

Advanced Battle

Another great feature provided by epic games is that they have designed an advanced battle system for Legacy of Discord Furious Wings Game. In this, a player can fight against the enemies with four different players who have their own powers and abilities.

The battles are very dynamic in nature as they involve use of skills, combos and much more which provides an awesome gameplay to the users.

Legacy of Discord Furious Wings Game

Player VS Environment Mode

This mode is also known as PvE mode. Here you will gain experience points by fighting against various types of monsters or bosses that are present widespread throughout the game map. There are several maps available in Legacy of Discord Furious Wings game each having its own difficulty level.

Completing each level gives the players ample opportunities to upgrade his weapons and gears so that he can tackle other creatures easily which helps him in increasing his status in the game.

Battle Clans

Another interesting feature of this game is that it provides opportunities to the players to make clans and battle with other clans. Epic games have also made provision for friendly battles between two rival teams which helps them boost their abilities further by testing each other’s strength in the battles. This mode is available only after certain levels are unlocked.

Arena Fights

The last but not the least feature is about arena which gamers can unlock when they reach at level 10, 20, 30 and so on until level 60. Arena fights are important part of Legacy of Discord Furious Wings Game as different types of rewards are provided for winning these battles against random opponents selected by the system automatically throughout the map.

Legacy of Discord Furious Wings Download

Common FAQs about Legacy of Discord Furious Wings Mod APK

How does these Legacy of Discord Furious Wings Cheats work?

Mod version of Legacy of discord furious wings mod apk is 100% safe and will be undetected by developers. It follows all safety measures to avoid patching / detection. As long as everything goes well, the tool will not be patched or nerved.

What about iOS version? Is there any way I can use this Android modded apk to play on iOS?

Currently, we do not support iOS at this moment but we’ll try our best to bring you the best quality mods that will work on iOS, whether it is using emulators or tweaks.

What can I do with these Legacy of Discord Furious Wings Cheats?

Legacy of discord furious wings mod apk will allow you to modify your game account’s gold and diamond freely without any limit. You can also gain free diamonds by watching videos instantly. If you are playing the game on hard difficulty, then this tool might be useful for you to make your life easier in-game!

How much does this Legacy of Discord Furious Wings Mod APK cost?

Legacy of discord furious wings mod apk is absolutely free. You can enjoy unlimited diamond and unlimited money without paying a single penny.


The Legacy of Discord Furious Wings Mod APK is a new action-packed mobile game. In this high octane game, players will have to fight their way through the treacherous world of chaos and darkness in order to save humanity. With an innovative touch control system that allows you complete freedom over your character’s movement, combat abilities and weapons combos. Along with stunning graphics that really bring each location alive, gamers can expect plenty of hours spent playing this RPG adventure title for Android phones or tablets.

What's new

【New Function】
【Gameplay】Glory Championships
【Gameplay】Galactic Armory

【Optimization】Some bugs fixed


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