Magic Rush Heroes Mod APK 2023 v1.1.321 (Unlimited Money/Diamonds)

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Magic Rush Heroes Mod APK Unlimited Everything

Do you like Magic Rush Heroes Role Playing Game? If so, this is the article for you. We will be discussing the magic rush Heros mod apk and how it can help improve your game. Check out our tips and tricks to make it easier for you to succeed in magic rush heroes. With these new strategies, we guarantee that your magic rush experience will only get better from here on out.

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Magic Rush Heroes Mod APK Download

About Magic Rush Heroes

A mobile Action RPG that has taken the world by storm. The title’s popularity is understandable, with its addictive gameplay and graphics that look better than ever before. You can choose from five different characters, each of which has its own magic abilities that you will need to master in order to defeat the evil forces of darkness.

Gameplay of Magic Rush Heroes

Let’s get started with Magic rush heroes Game story:

In the game, players sent endless waves of monsters to defeat, to become the hero of Magic rush. You will have to set out on a journey, collecting characters and artifacts with unique skills, which you can later use to your advantage in battles.

At each stage, you will meet enemies who are not at all simple, so fighting with them is not an easy task. Your main objective is to survive and destroy the tyrant and fight for justice and freedom. To be successful in this you will need to train your heroes and collect useful items, create a powerful army of wild monsters, and develop their skills and abilities.

Magic Rush Heroes Mod

More Game Play Features

  • You can buy new fighters in the store with special offers for packages at a discount.
  • You can easily unlock and upgrade your favorite fighter’s skill using the collected materials.
  • Collect dozens of unique warriors.
  • Add new heroes on a regular basis.
  • Test their fighting skills in battles with other players (online ).
  • Defeat bosses waiting for you at each stage of the game.
  • Each warrior has unique skills and abilities in battles.
  • Collect a team of strong fighters to fight with you.
  • You can play online in real-time multiplayer mode.
  • Compete with your friends; share your achievements with them on the global leader board.

Magic Rush Heroes Mod APK

Some of the major features of the Magic rush heroes mod APK are mentioned below:

  • The user can download this game for free in the play store but you need to pay real money which ranges from $4.99-to $74.99 in order to buy heroes, characters, and other accessories. But using our modded version of Magic rush heroes APK, you can easily get an unlimited amount of diamonds & tokens for free.
  • You will be able to enjoy the single-player as well as multiplayer battles in this game after downloading it.
  • You can unlock all heroes of magic rush with unlimited diamonds & tokens using our modded version of the Magic Rush Heroes APK file.
  • Apart from purchasing with real money, you can also get the necessary amount of gold, diamonds & tokens by completing daily quests or by opening card packs.
  • With our modded version of Magic rush heroes APK file, you will be able to get unlimited health points, mana points, and stamina points for your hero in order to fight with other players.
  • It is a strategy-based game in which you need to develop your team by combining beginners with advanced, rare, and epic skills in order to fight against other players.
  • There is a total of nine types of battle formations that you can use for this game, like line formation, column formation, or V-shaped formation. Each type of formation has its own pros & cons like V-shaped formation gives a bonus to the offense while a column formation gives a bonus to the defense.
  • You can do an exchange in this game with other players in order to get heroes & items which you want in your deck by paying gold, diamonds, and tokens.
  • The main objective of the player is to clear all his quests with each hero leveling up to unlock new stages, quests, and rewards.
  • You can craft or upgrade your heroes in this game by using the necessary items like gold, diamonds & tokens which you have collected while playing it.
  • This game also provides two modes of multiplayer battles like 1 vs 1 and 3 vs 3. If you want to fight against another player in 1 vs 3 or vice versa, you need to use different teams for it.
  • There is a total of 9 rewards in this game which you can claim after completing each major stage like a beginner, intermediate and advanced. The main reward is that you will get a new hero after every 5 stages like a beginner, 10 stages like intermediate, and 15 stages like advanced.
  • You will get a daily login reward for logging into this game every day which you can claim by tapping on the check-in button after logging in. The main advantage of using our modded version of Magic rush heroes APK file is that you won’t need to download any software or other installation files to do it for free & no survey for it.
  • The user interface of the Magic rush heroes mod APK is simple and intuitive which can help you to understand the game easily after playing it for just a few minutes.

Magic Rush Heroes Mod Download

Common FAQs about Magic Rush Heroes Mod APK

What does this mod APK do?

The modded APK itself has no actual features, the only thing it does is sustain your original gameplay without any alterations from ads and other kinds of interruptions by modifying the host’s file of your phone which blocks all the connections to ad servers.

Can I play multiplayer?

NO, playing multiplayer on a modded APK is not allowed by the host’s file modification principle of the magic rush hero mod APK. Moreover, any kind of changes to the data of the game is bound to get detected. So you might just play single player with this magic rush hero mod APK till I find some new solution to be able to play multiplayer.

Do I need a rooted device?

NO, this magic rush hero mod APK doesn’t require your device to be rooted for modifying the hosts files and hence no harm can be caused to your system files. However, using the backup and restore feature on the titanium app if you want to make data backup will require root.

Do I get banned for using Magic Rush Mod APK?

As this modded APK has no features, it simply modifies some values in the game files (which are already present on your phone) and hence there is no chance of you getting banned for this.


The magic rush heroes mod APK is a complete package that has everything you need to get started. There are different options for unlocking the full game and it’s really not difficult at all once you know how to go about doing it. Get in on this opportunity today before they stop selling them.

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