Monster Super League Mod APK 2023 v1.0.22033008 (Unlimited Money/Gems)

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Monster Super League Mod APK Unlimited Everything

Monster Super League is a Role Playing Game for android Download the latest version of Monster Super League Mod Apk [Unlimited Money/Energy] 1.0.22033008 for Android 4.4 and up from with a direct link developed by Smart Study Games.

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Monster Super League Mod APK Unlimited Everything

Game Introduction

Play the best monster RPG clicker game! Summon over 1000 different monsters to fight for you in epic real-time battles! Catch, feed, and evolve your monsters to build an unstoppable team! Find out why this free game is so addictive – Tap Quest, Idle Clicker Games, Clicker Games, Town Building Games play Monster Super League now!

【SLG + IDLE】 A new twist on idle games! Combine multiple idle games at once with this RPG!

【TAP & CLICK, TOWN BUILDING】 Summon your team to fiaght mythical bosses with a unique tap and click combat system.

【MONSTER COLLECTING】 Catch lots of cute monsters in this pet collecting game!

【SUMMON LEGENDARY MONSTERS】 Discover all 6 elements and the 7th secret element: Mythical. There are over 1000 different monsters to collect in this town-building game.

【ELEMENTAL BONUSES】 Power up your team by assigning them elemental roles – water beats fire! This is one of the best free games that mix genres: idler and RPG!!

Monster Super League Mod APK free game

Features of Monster Super League Mod APK

  • Infinite Gold
  • Infinite Gems
  • God Mode (No Skill Cool Down)
  • Unlock All Monsters
  • Multi Kill (3+)
  • High Damage (Kill Most Monsters)
  • Auto Upgrades

How to Install Monster Super League Mod APK

Download the game, make sure let unknown sources enabled in your mobile device. Extract the downloaded files using Winzip or 7zip . You have done now! Enjoy playing this awesome game. Don’t forget to leave a review below if you want more hack games like this one!

Monster Super League Mod

Enjoy playing with Monster Super League mod. This is just a way to give you guys free gems and extra gold. So don’t hesitate. Download now for the full version. If you have any problems/issues please feel free to contact us.

FAQs About Monster Super League Mod APK

After many people have asked about Monster Super League APK, I will write this blog post to share what is actually Monster Super League Mod. Before explaining that, let me say that I have never played the game yet I know a lot of things about it because my son who is very addicted to playing the game often tells me some information about how to improve the team in MSL.

What is Monster Super League Mod APK?

Monster Super League is one of the most popular RPG games which features similar gameplay with Pokémon or Digimon. You can capture hundreds of cute monster and train them up until they are powerful enough to beat any opponent. The competition in MSL is not limited to monster battles but also to monsters’ growth process too.

MSL Mod APK is a hacked version of original Monster Super League Game where players can get free Golds, Gems, Monsters, and so on. There are some people who don’t have money to spend in order to upgrade their monsters so they use this MSL Hack Apk. Once the developer found out about it, they will release another version without the hack feature.

How I can get my free gems?

To get free gems you need to install the game first then download the mod apk file of Monster Super League from our website. Copy your User ID which you find at your About Phone section in Setting inside MSL > Menu > Shop > Purchase Gems.

Copy your ID and send it to the hacker via their email or messaging system (it depends on the website) then they will give you some gems for free. If you don’t get an answer after sending your User ID, please click the back button of your browser and re-login again to chat with them.

How I can get my free Gold?

Monster Super League Mod APK has a “Free Gold” feature too which you also need to do the above process before anything else. But make sure that you use this gold to purchase new monsters only otherwise it won’t work next time when you want them to re-generate more free golds.

Can I use MSL Hack Apk on all devices?

No, you can not use Monster Super League Hack Apk on every device. In fact, it is only available for Android devices which run on 4.1 or up version. I don’t know why they didn’t make the hack apk compatible for iOS devices but it might be because of a security issue I assume.

What is a DNS?

For those who asks about a DNS, this question shows that you haven’t understood how MSL Mod Apk works yet. There are some steps before using the mod apk but in order to get free gems and golds, we need to ensure that our internet connection/DNS serves us well so we will get the benefits from hacking tools later on.

Is it safe to use Monster Super League Mod Apk?

What makes this game different from other RPG games is that it does not require you to play the whole game in order to get new monsters. You just need to reach a specific level then they will send some new monsters to your mailbox. It saves our time and effort which most of us are trying hard just for the extra monsters, am I right?

However, there are many people who doesn’t have enough patience so they use Monster Super League Mod APK which has been hacked by another persons. Again, I am telling you that if the devs find out about it, they will release an update where you won’t be able to use any hacking tools anymore. Just enjoy playing their original version instead we can only benefit from free gems or free golds.


Whether you like Monster Super League Mod APK or not, at least try this game at least once because it is one of the best games on the internet. You will fall in love with it, after trying this game once.

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