Naruto Blazing Mod APK 2023 v2.28.0 (Unlimited Money/Pearls/Mana)

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Naruto Blazing Mod APK Unlimited Money

Today we are going to discuss Naruto blazing mod APK. This is the latest game which has been given by the famous developer company. It has the same concept as other action games but with unique changes that always attract people to it.

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Features of Naruto Blazing Mod APK

Unlimited ninja war

It is the best part of this game where the player creates his own team and fights with other another team to prove what he has learned.

Ample of characters

This game provides a large number of characters that heroes can select according to their taste and play by changing their’ weapons or costumes.

3D Graphics

A perfect graphic system has been set up in this game that will give a realistic feel while playing it. Also, players get more control over camera angles and will get more scope for creativity while playing it.

Epic locations

The Player gets a chance to enjoy a lot of different locations and find out the true evilness controlling them which leads him towards power and glory of the world.

Epic boss battles

The developer has given the feature to enjoy the epic boss battles and fight for life and death with it which will give players a never-ending enjoyment.

Amazing Sound Effects

All sounds of this game are recorded by original voice actors that make it more interesting and realistic as well as provide an amazing environment for players to play it according to pleasure.

Exclusive Character Booster System

In this game, the player gets pleasure from the exclusive character booster system where he can make own ninja by selecting weapon, costume, Justus, etc. according to his choice and capabilities.

Defeating Enemies

Defeating Enemies gives you experience points that increase your level in a better way giving you access to super-powerful characters and items.

Getting more chakra means getting more power to fight with enemies and survive longer in battles.

Endless challenges

This game provides lots of challenges where the player has to pass various stages in a difficult mode which will definitely give real feelings of joy to players.

These are some features where in this game interest of people is focused in different ways so they always feel it interesting and spend their time playing it without any problem.

naruto blazing download

Common FAQs About Naruto Blazing Mod APK

What are the differences between the three modes in quest mode?

There are three main differences between each type of quest which includes Xuanhuan quests, Kongming quests, and Zhuanxu quests. The first one, Xuanhuan quests, have a few differences from the original story. There are main characters in this mode which may give you a different story kind of feeling when reading it.

The second one mainly focuses on the origins and mysteries of certain things around Konoha. The last one is based upon stories from Zuixian Pushe, there are quite a lot of non-canon naruto elements in this mode as well as funny changes made by Inoichi Yamanaka’s spirit clones.

In addition to that, each type has its own exclusive cards and titles related to them with Xuanhuan cards being ranked SSS grade and Zhuanxu being SS ranked only.

What about card upgrades?

You can upgrade certain cards to make them stronger and much more powerful. This requires materials and golds as well as duplicates of the same card.

How much can we earn from daily & weekly quests?

Finish all the quests every single day and you may be able to get up to 3 SSR tickets, 400nx cash, not sure about gold though since I always buy nx cash with my gift card through the lucky wheel. The maximum amount if you finish all the weekly quests is 15 SSR tickets + 600nxs cash + 1000 gold.

Which one should we read first Xuanhuan, Kongming, or Zhuanxu?

It’s better for beginners to read Xuanhuan since that is the beginning of everything, then Kongming for mysteries, and finally Zhuanxu as the end.

What is the max level?

The highest level was 70 originally but it has been raised to 100 only recently.

What are those scrolls used for?

Scrolls improve certain cards with either additional stats or skills depending on the types of the card so save up and use them wisely. They can be obtained by quests and lucky wheel too.

How do we get more inventory slots?

You need to buy nx cash through your smartphone browser which you will also use to recharge stamina later on. I don’t recommend this method though due to the high rates of mobile browsers.

What are friend slots used for?

You can add up to 10 people to your friend list and they will be able to take over your energy and cards when you’re offline, so it’s a good idea to find active people or we can help each other out too. If you would like to add me, my code is 2340 8961 9194.

How do we get more friend slots?

No idea since I maxed mine already after adding all available players in my country. You just need patience I guess or use Lucky Wheel every day until you get one without using cash nx. The latest update allowed us to increase our slots by 100 per month too.

What are stamps used for?

It’s a good way to show your support by using certain stamps in chatrooms or forums which can be obtained easily through quests and lucky wheel (gacha). It’s not necessary though but it would make the game much more fun to play if you like the game itself.

How do we get more inventory slots again?

Buy NX cash through a smartphone browser or use lucky wheel every day until you get one without using cash nx (highly unlikely) since they’ve increased the cost of each slot recently, otherwise patience I guess. The latest update allowed us to increase our slots by 100 per month too.


In the end, we will say that the Naruto Blazing Mod APK game is outclassed game in its category. That’s why millions of people like to play this game without wasting one second. So, go ahead and give it a try right now.

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