PVZ Heroes Mod APK 2023 v1.39.94 (Unlimited Gems/Coins/Suns/Money)

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PVZ Heroes Mod APK Unlimited Everything

Pvz heroes or Plants vs Zombie Heroes is an amazing game, but the PVZ heroes mod APK can make it even more enjoyable. It’s an amazing Casual game with over 6 Million active users. So, download the latest version of PVZ heroes mod APK and enjoy unlimited fun.

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PVZ Heroes Mod APK Download

Game Play of PVZ Heroes

PVZ Heroes is a MOBA-style base attack game where players have to build an army consisting of plant and zombie heroes. The game starts with choosing one of three plant heroes (Peashooter, Chomper, or Bonk Choy) or three zombie heroes (Foot Soldier, Engineer, and Scientist) to build a team from.

The objective is to gather XP from killing plants and zombies in order to level up your hero so he/she can be more powerful and unlock stronger abilities. While some lower-level units have a low cooldown, it’s best to let your hero do most of the killing.

Most heroes can only attack one plant at a time, so let them do their thing while you support them from afar with superpowers/abilities if any are available.

In addition to gaining XP for yourself, you can also give XP to your fellow heroes. To do this, tap on the middle button where your hero is and select the option “give XP” (e.g. in PVZ Heroes if I want to give my Chomper some XP, I would choose the third option which is “give up”). If done right, you should see your XP bar increase.

You can also give an XP boost to your whole squad if you have one stored up in the item mall or bought at the store. If you have one, tap on items and then select “boosts”. Select “XP”, put a checkmark beside it, and watch it take effect. The higher the boost power, the faster your XP bar will increase.

PVZ Heroes Download

Pvz Heroes Mod APK Features

Unlock your Key

Note that premium heroes have a unique unlock key, which can be bought from the store or get it with a gems generator. In order to quickly get energy and never get out of it, you need more keys, just collect them on special levels and they will periodically open. Cheats for PVZ heroes are available by using the generator above.

Watch videos and get keys

Videos show the solution of levels at which you can collect their keys, and with it, unlock new characters or upgrade them without waiting. Every day there are up to 50 opportunities to get a key, only watch the video and get it.

Daily Bonus Keys

Every day you can collect up to 5 free keys from the Daily box. But this is not the limit of how many times you can get a gift for watching videos daily, so it’s worth trying out new heroes for free every few hours by collecting a new key.

Daily Quests

You can get a reward for collecting 5 keys, so in order to collect them faster, try completing all the quests in a day and see what you will win.

Getting Gems and Coins

By playing games or watching videos you’ll have chances to get gems or coins that can be used in the game. You can also buy it with real money, but if you do not want to spend money on virtual things, there are other ways.

Gems Generator

Generating gems is possible using the generator above. Just type your username and how many gems would you like to get or just click the “generate gems” button to get free gems.

PvZ heroes Updates

The game is continuously developing and improving, new features are added that make the gameplay more dynamic, for example, you can ride some of your plants along with them while attacking enemies. And soon will be added more interesting characters with unique abilities.

PvZ Heroes Characters

Choose your favorite character from the original game of PvZ heroes, select it and see how to move around the map, fight with zombies or other players’ characters. You can choose any plant or zombie hero you like.

PvZ Heroes Tips

You will learn more about the gameplay if you are a beginner. See the best places for planting plants, or how to attack zombies more effectively. You can also learn new tactics for attacking enemies and how to quickly get a lot of keys.

PvZ heroes Maps

There are three locations available in PvZ, where you will fight with different zombies that have unique abilities. Try to quickly destroy them so that they cannot have time to damage your plants.

PVZ Heroes Mod Download

Common FAQs About PVZ Heroes Mod APK

Why do I need a rooted phone?

The reason why a rooted phone is needed is that PVZ Heroes requires root access in order for the hack tools to work. With a rooted phone, you can run all those hacks and cheats to get free diamonds, coins, and XP.

Does the mod APK work for all devices?

Yes. The hack tool works with both rooted and non-rooted android devices, so anyone can use it to get unlimited free diamonds, XP, and coins.

What are the steps involved in PVZ Heroes mod APK?

All you have to do is follow the instructions given on Pizzasticks Hack by tapping on the big orange button. The hack tool will then do its magic and add 999,999 free diamonds to your account within a few minutes.

Can I get more bots?

Yes. You can use Pizzasticks Hack to get more gems from the shop by tapping on the plus icon next to Get More Gems. Also, tap on buy next to Extra Bots for Unlimited. After that, the bot count will be updated when you click on Refresh BOTs.

How do I unlock units?

You can unlock units in PVZ Heroes by using your XP in the Training Camp. Every unit has a certain amount of XP needed in order for them to be unlocked. You can also unlock units by spending diamonds.

What are the best units in PVZ Heroes?

The best unit in PVZ Heroes is the Zap Overall, it can one-hit kill most of the zombies except Zomboss. The Cabbage-pult is also a good unit since it does splash damage to multiple enemies at once.

How many stars should I have before blitzing?

In order to blitz properly, you need to have a minimum of 3 stars on any level. You can get stars by either completing the level or beating it on hard mode. Completing the level will also give you up to two chests for free. One chest has diamonds and the other one has coins.


PVZ Heroes Mod APK is the newest modded version of Plants vs. Zombies that’s been released in 2018, and it has one goal – to make your gaming experience more exciting by giving you access to all of the premium content for free.

With this new release, not only will you have unlimited money when playing, but there are over 100 different modes available on our website so you can customize your gameplay however you want or need. If these features sound like something that would interest you, then download PVZ Heroes Mod APK today.

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