Restaurant Story Mod APK 2023 v1.7.1.2g (Unlimited Money and Gems)

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Restaurant Story Mod APK Unlimited Everything

The restaurant story mod APK is a modified version of the restaurant story game in the Casual category. It changes the difficulty and adds new features to the restaurant story, such as adding more levels and giving you more menu items. The restaurant story is a great game for anyone who loves cooking or restaurant management games.

The game is about running your own restaurant, where you can cook different dishes with different recipes in order to earn money. You’ll have to research new recipes every day by exploring the city’s marketplaces for ingredients that haven’t been used yet.

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Restaurant Story Mod Download

Restaurant story game Features

Here are some of the prominent features of Restaurant Story

  1. New and different foods every day
  2. The wallpaper and flooring will be changed regularly according to the season, which is appropriate for the food type.
  3. There are 10 kinds of countertops to choose from (A simple wooden table can also be preferred).
  4. The restaurant owner can get a new outfit every 5 levels, and restaurant uniforms will also change.
  5. Provide birthday gifts for the customer’s birthdays and give them a gift on Valentine’s day as well.
  6. Every time you finish level 8 or 10 of your restaurants, there is a special surprise waiting for you… Event-limited campaigns will be available as well so keep playing!
  7. Every day there is a surprise event and customers of every type will come to your restaurant, which is a diversity party!

Restaurant Story Download

  1. If you clear the challenge on certain days, there are awesome prizes waiting for you!
  2. You can now change your chefs’ outfits as well.
  3. Now your vegetables and meat will be stored properly and be fresh!
  4. Totally new decorations and buildings will now be available to use as well.
  5. You can get rid of the counters in your restaurants by using them again, which is convenient for small restaurants.
  6. New markets are open all week long, so you can purchase items at a lower price as well.
  7. There is a new delivery system for your vegetables and meat, so they will be delivered quickly!
  8. You can now invite Facebook friends to play restaurant story games as well!
  9. Bug fixes: A bug that made it impossible to complete the Challenge Missions after level 8 has been fixed, and other minor bugs have been fixed as well.
  10. You can now check your achievements by going to the ‘Achievements’ section of the main menu.
  11. A new scenario has also been added!
  12. New food types have been added!
  13. The appearance of each customer type has changed, so keep an eye out for them!
  14. You can now choose between four different music types (Two Classical and two Rock) in-game, so take a listen to the soundtracks and enjoy your restaurant story game!
  15. A new ‘Special Purchase’ has been added

Restaurant Story Mod APK Download

Restaurant Story Mod APK Features

  • The game is designed with graphics and animations of stunning quality
  • It’s free to download the restaurant story mod APK
  • There are thousands of items you can purchase in order to decorate your restaurant.
  • you have a chance to unlock additional features
  • Unlock different characters just by participating in the game.
  • You will be able to compete with your friends or other people

Common FAQs about Restaurant Story Mod APK

What is a MOD APK?

A MOD APK (or modification application) is an alteration of the original game’s files. This can include altering graphics, unlocking new features or even re-skinning existing content. It was originally intended for devices running on older Android OS versions but had since been used by some to bypass the Google Play Store.

Since it implies alterations to the original game’s files, there is no point in using MOD APKs if you are playing games like Restaurant Story through official app stores like the Apple App Store or Google Play Store (unless stated otherwise).

Why do people use MOD APKs?

There are usually two reasons why people use MOD APKs. The first is to get an edge in a competitive game playing experience, such as getting unlimited currency or unlocks that would normally be available only after extended play. Some of the most popular games for MOD APKs include Restaurant Story and Subway Surfers.

The second reason is just for fun, to mod a game to be silly or weird. For example, there are mods that allow you to play your favorite game as a cat/dog/shark instead of the original character. While this is most popular with games like Restaurant Story and Subway Surfers, it can also apply to non-arcade games like Clash of Clans.

Is using MOD APKs bad?

We support anything that’s not against the law, but if you are playing under hacked conditions it is possible for your account to get banned. Whether it gets banned or not depends on how much patience the developer has.

Some games have already implemented anti-cheat systems to detect hacked APKs so you should always use the original game. Androids are more flexible than iPhones so there’s a greater chance for it to get banned, but usually not permanently.


All in all, If you’re a fan of the restaurant story app and want to add more functionality, try downloading the Restaurant Story mod APK. It’s free and can be used with any device. The Restaurant Story mod APK is not difficult to install and it will make your time in the game much better. Here are some other features that come included when installing this mods app: unlimited coins, gems, food points, and energy points. So, what are you waiting for? Go to the download button.

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