Shop Heroes Mod APK 2022 v1.5.91000 (Unlimited Money & Gems)

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Shop Heroes Mod APK Unlimited Everything

The new version of the popular Simulation game, Shop Heroes Mod APK, has been released. The newest update includes a variety of new features and a change in gameplay that will keep you on your toes. This is a great way to build up your business empire.

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Shop Heroes Mod APK Download

Game Play of Shop Heroes

Shop Heroes is a town-building simulation game. You become the shopkeeper of the kingdom, where you are responsible for building your own village and managing it. There are several different types of buildings in Shop Heroes, which can be used to produce resources required by everyone on the planet.

Resources include Gold Coins, Foodstuff, Magic Dust, etc. that help you build more complex buildings or increase the production rate of existing ones. As you level up your Town Hall, these resources will also be used as rewards for completing quests or challenges within the gameplay. Your main goal is to unlock all four areas and expand your village across them all with a total of 32 Levels.

Features of Shop Heroes Mod APK

Here are the various building types and their functions:


These are the only type of shop in this game that provides everything required for battles and quests. You can purchase items from Heroes’ Guild with medals earned by completing quests or purchased with real money through the in-app purchases system. All three shops together provide runes, artifacts, and supplies which are necessary to defeat enemies in different combat areas/quests. Moreover, it also generates gems (premium currency) per hour which you can use for buying some resources or speed-ups. Gems can be purchased using real money as well.

Gold Mines

The most common and useful resource in the game is gold. This resource represents your kingdom’s wealth. The higher level of mine you build, the better the amount of gold it will produce per hour.  You can upgrade this resource by spending some resources or using speed-ups. You can also speed up production for a short time by clicking on the “Speed Up” button beside its picture on the top right corner of your screen/town hall tab.

Shop Heroes Download


Farms are required to create foodstuff, which is used as an energy source for all buildings. You need to keep upgrading your farms as you progress through the game because each upgrade increases its production rate. To increase the production rate of farms, you can use a speed-up button similar to gold mines or by spending a few resources.


A sawmill is used together with wood (another necessary resource) to produce building materials required for constructing new buildings in your village; like Farm Houses, Mines, Shops, etc. Moreover, the sawmill also provides you with “wood logs” which are required to activate ‘trees’ that generate different types of magic like water, ice, and wind (these will be discussed later). You need to keep upgrading this resource whenever your current level generates a low amount of logs per hour.

Spirit Well

Spirit wells are used together with spirit (another necessary resource) to create magic dust, which is required for upgrading buildings. You need to keep upgrading this well as you progress through the game. To increase the production rate of spirit well, you can use a speed-up button similar to gold mines or by spending some resources.

Farm House

These are required for farming and producing foodstuff per hour. It also provides “workers” that harvest crops automatically; however, they will stop harvesting when they return back to the farmhouse because of low storage capacity (workers will wait until there is enough space in the storehouse). Further, these houses can be upgraded for increasing their production rate and storage capacity of its worker.

Water, Wind, and Ice Magic Trees

These trees together provide magic dust required for upgrading buildings. Wood logs are used in sawmills to produce wood and then in spirit well to generate magic dust.

Pet House

Pet houses together with pet (another necessary resource) provides you with powerful creatures that can fight enemies and help you in various quests. Similarly to farms, these houses require upgrades for increasing their production rate. You can use the speed up or upgrade button on top of your screen to speed up the pet house’s production rate for a short time period. Every upgrade level increases its production rate by 10%.


Mines are another very useful type of building that helps you produce gold. In the initial levels, you will need to focus on upgrading mines level because gold is the most important resource in the game and it’s used for almost everything, from upgrading buildings to purchasing new heroes.

Heroes’ Guild

This building requires runes and supplies as resources for producing different types of heroes. In the initial levels, it’s better to focus on hero production as you will need a large number of heroes to complete quests and defeat enemies in combat areas/quests.

Resources used for this building can be earned by defeating enemies or purchased with medals earned from completing quests (completing quests also awards you some gems). There are four types of r u n e s produced here which can be further upgraded using gold or another type of rune i.e.: fire, shadow, water, and wind runes all together provide rune dust required for upgrading other runes obtained from the shop.

Shop Heroes Mod Download

Features of Shop Heroes Mod APK

Here are some of the prominent features details of Shop Heroes Mod APK :

Unlimited Gold

You will be able to get unlimited gold but mind it there is no need for it because the shop heroes mod apk can generate unlimited gems. All you have to do is just buy the hero and upgrade him/her easily.

Offline Mode

This feature will help you if you are using this game in offline mode by following some of the instructions which we share with you at last of this article.

You can add up to 300 friends on your friend list if you want that go into setting and change it there, where provision is given.

 More Features:

  • Daily Dungeons: Quests like win 3 challenges or win a skirmish etc.
  • Daily Starts & Rewards
  • No requirements to use any hero
  • Unlimited Tickets & Races
  • Chests are also unlimited
  • Daily Gift Boxes for watching Ads of the game daily

Common FAQs About Shop Heroes Mod APK

I want to know the basics about this game, what should I do first?

First of all, you’ll need to complete your first stage, which is the Tutorial. It’s very quick and basic so it won’t be hard for you to finish this one. After completing it, continue on with other stages. The more stages you play, the more game modes will be unlocked.

I completed all of the stages on tutorial mode already, what should I do next?

To unlock other stages and game modes, you’ll need to earn XP points on each stage so it can level up. You’ll get points for completing a stage and you will lose some if you fail to complete it on time.

How do I earn XP points?

To earn XP points, you must clear each stage as fast as possible with no or minimal mistakes and combos made. The better and faster your score is, the more XP points you’ll get. But don’t be too worried yet, the game is still in its early access and you will get a lot of bonuses and gifts at the start of your journey.


In conclusion, I want to say that this game is much more than what I described above as there are still plenty of things worth trying. For example, visiting the Arena daily for free rewards or collecting stars in the Arena to build the Wonders. Besides, there are also some events like Double Level Up or Token Sale which offer you great benefits. What’s more, if you don’t have enough gems, then you can use Shop Heroes Mod APK no survey which grants free unlimited gems for your game!

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