Slither IO Mod APK 2023 v4.5 (Unlimited Health, VIP Unlocked) for Android

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Slither IO Mod APK Unlimited Everything

Another best action game name Slither IO Mod APK is added in the article. In this article, you will get information about slither IO APK and its features. Slither is an entertaining Multiplayer game just like Big Win Basketball Mod APK, with the basic concept of controlling snakes in a small world while avoiding other opponents. It can be played online and offline both and it’s quite easy to play despite the complex strategies involved.

You need to eat glowing dots or your opponents to make your Snake larger but you must take care not to crash into them while doing so as one hit kills you off; there are power ups that may help you defeat opponents too! The default controls involve the directional keys (or WASD) for moving around and your mouse cursor for rotating the view.

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Slither IO Mod APK Download

The Gameplay of Slither IO Game

You will start out by spawning somewhere randomly on the game map and your task is to keep eating glowing dots or other players so that you may become bigger. You need to avoid getting hit at all costs because it kills you off; this makes this game pretty intense, especially when you are in the lead, so watch out for your opponents.

During the process of controlling the snake while hunting down goodies, don’t forget about rotating the view by moving around your mouse cursor either! Some power ups spawn occasionally on various locations that are good for helping you defeat others or protecting yourself from other snakes.

The Controls

Like almost every other similar games, this one uses directional keys (or WASD) for moving around while your mouse cursor is used for rotating your view. Be careful not to touch your own snake while rotating because it results in a collision that kills you off. There are power ups to help you defeat others, so be on the lookout for them! This game is compatible with all major web browsers and it’s important to mention that slither io uses HTML 5 technology instead of Flash.

Slither io was developed by Matheus Valadares under the banner of available for free online. It went viral after being published so much so, that the servers were overloaded at times which made some players complain about lags etc.; hence, there are server issues still remaining unresolved for this game.

Slither IO Download

One of the Best Slither IO Mods

The game known as slither io mod apk is one of the best mods for slither io game. This article will provide all information about this mod and you will be able to play it after reading this article.   You can download link of this Modded Slither from given below link.

So, here are the detailed features of Slither Io Mod APK. Slither IO mod APK is the new version of the snake game that you had played on multiple platforms.

Features of Slither IO Mod APK

– Unlocked all skins

– Unlimited Coins and Gummies  (activate only in editor)

– Fast publishing level (activate only in editor)


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Slither IO Mod Download

FAQs of Slither Io Mod APK

What’s the difference between this MOD and a hacked apk?

Hacked apk contains malicious code which may harm your phone or make it work slowly. Mine doesn’t contain anything harmful to you, 100% safe android mod.  It also works much better than any hacked apk!

Why my high score is not saved in-game when I use this mod?

You should turn off system power saving mode to save your highest score. In devices with root access, add “pm disable com.qualcomm.powermanager.PowerManagerService” command in “Additional Actions” of Greenify app to prevent battery life issue, then use this mod .

For devices without root access, you should follow the steps below: Settings > Battery > 3-Dot Menu > Battery optimization > Change to “All Apps”, find and click on game under “Labeled byFull name”, change Game category to “Don’t optimize”, exit settings.

Your MOD doesn’t work after a system update! Why?

If a new version of Play store is released, may be it has some changes so I have to update this mod too, but don’t worry your scores will not be lost after updating this mod, don’t forget to turn on system power saving mode before updating.

Why my tank gets bigger or smaller after I switch accounts?

If you are using the same device to play multiple accounts, remember to log off the game before switching accounts.

The game slows down when many players join! Why?

Slower devices may experience lags when too many players join in a big area, that’s because it needs more CPU/GPU resources for rendering, so please do not go full screen and try decreasing render scale if needed. This issue has been solved in PC version.

 Why it always says “Invoking server” when pressing the reload button?

It means you are not connected to internet or Play store is not accessible at this time, wait for a while and try again.

How can I update my old version of mod to the latest one?

Simply uninstall your old version and install a new one, don’t forget to turn on system power saving mode before updating.


Now you can download Slither IO Mod APK latest version with updated features, free from our website within few clicks. So, go ahead and give it a try right now and share your experience with us.

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