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One of the best music apps is named Soundcloud Mod APK, which is the best app for those who want to hear music without spending money. If you are planning to use this Soundcloud Mod APK then just check our article and find more about this awesome app.

We all know that there are lots of websites where we can listen to music but most of them want us to pay a monthly subscription, but on those websites, we will only get those old songs that were released many years. But if you have installed SoundCloud MOD APK on your Android smartphone or tablet, you will always get the latest songs from different artists.

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In addition, these days everyone gets stored data as compared to others so it is very difficult for someone to spend a huge amount of money on buying CDs or subscribing to some streaming service which costs a lot.

Soundcloud is the world’s largest social network for sharing sounds and music. Millions of artists use SoundCloud to connect with their fans, share and promote new tracks, and easily get feedback on their work directly through comments, likes, and reposts.

The official mobile app gives you access to millions of sounds from emerging and established artists around the world right at your fingertips. You can also create your own SoundCloud profile and upload your music so people can hear what you’re all about. By the way, if you want to download this Soundcloud mod APK then just click our download button which we have shared below.

Let us discuss the features of Soundcloud Mod APK. Soundcloud is one of the most popular music-sharing apps, where you can connect with new fans and playlists. It comes under the category of social media platforms, which are liked by millions of people. The app mainly focuses on publishing soundtracks related to various artists. This app also offers upload filters for multiple languages, genres, etc. If you are a music lover then you can download this app from our website at

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Soundcloud Mod APK Features

1) A user needs to register into this platform either through Facebook or Google+ account to use its services. Users will receive notifications about new profiles, public comments, etc. on their feed after registration completion. They can search for playlists and tracks.

2) Users can search for artists, public playlists, or messages from other SoundCloud users. The messages section enables the user to send messages to others who are signed up with this platform. This app is also available in languages like French, Spanish, etc. One can listen to the uploaded track by opening it on a new tab within this app itself.

3) It has got a very simple user interface with easy navigation options. Once you have logged in, you can upload audio files with a chosen category of music and short information about that particular track/playlist in the description box. You can share your newly created audio file on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter from within the app itself.

4) You can also choose to search for trending tracks by choosing the top option on the main screen. Then you can select either popular tracks or new ones, followed by setting your preferred country and language. This will show all of the latest tracks within that category on the app’s home screen. You can even follow others’ playlists, which is a good way to get recognition as an upcoming artist/DJ/Music producer.

5) The application has got some more features like notifications, sending messages, etc., which are pretty similar to any other social media app. Also for users who want to upload music files without making them public, there is another feature called Secret Playlist, where they can give access to specific user groups with their unique passwords. This app also has given an option to pay for SoundCloud Pro Account, using which, users can remove all ads from this platform.

6) This application is available on Android devices for free of cost, but there are some in-app purchases made through the Google Play store within the application itself to unlock pro features. There are no bugs reported to date by users who have already installed it on their smartphones. It works smoothly without any interruptions and is compatible with different versions of the Android mobile operating system, i.e., 4.1 or higher versions of android mobile phones. Let us know your experience after using this app in the comments section down below.

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Common FAQs About SoundCloud Mod APK

What is SoundCloud?

SoundCloud began in 2008 as a startup company based in Berlin, Germany, that enables musicians to share recordings with each other and fans. It was originally known for its emphasis on underground/emerging artists but has since opened up to more mainstream acts.

Since then, it’s become one of the best ways for artists who are unsigned or independent to build an audience through social networking. Many emerging artists use it exclusively instead of building their own websites or MySpace pages.

How do I download music from SoundCloud onto my phone?

You can’t directly download songs onto your phone, but you can subscribe to different people’s channels by opening their profile page and clicking the “Subscribe” button at the top of the page. Then you’ll be able to access all of those artists’ songs on your phone by going to “Your Likes” and clicking on their name there.

How do I delete tracks from my profile?

To delete a track, click the three dots next to it and select “Delete.” If you delete one, however, know that this action is permanent – SoundCloud won’t let you undo it. You can also report copyright infringement with a few simple steps at

What’s the deal with reposting?

Reposting – also known as reframing – is when somebody who has already posted a song takes it upon themselves to post it again. Why? Sometimes it’s because the original poster didn’t tag the song properly or use all of its tracks, so a remixer decided to “help” by reposting it with full credit.

Reposting also happens when one artist wants to show appreciation for another’s content – they’ll repost onto their own page with a link back to the original track and often a new description as well. In these scenarios, there is no issue with reposting – but be sure that if you’re going to do it that you tag the song correctly and give credit where it’s due.

What are groups on SoundCloud?

Groups are exactly what they sound like: virtual communities within SoundCloud comprised of multiple users who join together to post, comment and repost. They’re not as popular as they used to be, but still exist for certain genres like metal or electronic music that have large followings on the site.

How does SoundCloud actually work?

To upload a track onto your profile, click the orange “Upload Track” button at the top of your page and select “Unlisted.” This means that other people can see it if they know its URL, but otherwise won’t be able to find it. Once you’ve dragged your file into the website’s interface (you’ll need an account), make sure you fill out any necessary information (tags, album art, etc.) before hitting “Publish this track!” Then share your newfound link where you want to share it.


If you are a song lover person then Soundcloud Mod APK is one of the best apps on the internet that can provide millions of songs for free. Not only this, but you can also listen to and enjoy the songs of all singers around the world. So, give it a try right now.

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