Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Mod APK v0.28.1003453 (Unlimited Skills/Crystals)

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Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Mod APK Unlimited Everything

The Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Mod APK an RPG will give you a chance to get an unlimited number of crystals and credits. The hack is easy to use and it’s very safe because we made several modifications in order that it works well with all devices. You can download the hack from our site using any browser. This hack tool is compatible with Android, and iOS operating systems for mobile devices.

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However, before you try the Star wars galaxy of heroes mod apk please read this article. We think that many of you are interested in how to use this application correctly without worrying about your account or device being banned later on.

How to Use Star War Galaxy Mod APK

If you are interested in how to use these files, read this article carefully so that you don’t have any problems later on. When updating the game it could be possible that your device doesn’t support the new version released by the developer. We strongly recommend you not to update Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes before using our cheats because if your device isn’t compatible with new updates then you won’t be able to use the application properly.

The best way is to test our mod APK on your smartphone first before trying other versions or updates released by the developers again. This way you will avoid many issues related to compatibility problems. Our hack works with all Android and iOS devices without any bugs or errors. You can use it with confidence that your account will be safe.

We are sure that most of you want to cheat on the game before downloading it because this is what most gamers usually do when looking for cheats. There is nothing wrong with trying different ways to get free items in Star wars galaxy of heroes. After all, it’s better to have more crystals if you plan to play the game a lot during the next months or even years.

The best thing about using our generator is that you don’t need to download anything from untrusted sources because everything is available in one place – our website. Please use the information provided below in order not to have any problems with using our tricks.

Star wars galaxy of heroes hack download is very easy to use. You need to enter your username or email first, choose how many resources you want, and wait for the process to be completed in a few seconds. Please note that entering wrong values may lead to errors so if the game doesn’t work after generating a certain amount of crystals then it’s most likely because you didn’t enter your account information correctly.

Sometimes it could be possible that the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Hack apk doesn’t work on all devices because not everyone has a compatible operating system installed. Our team made some changes recently in order that this tool works better than before, but sometimes it just doesn’t mean that majority of gamers will have no problems using it.

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Mod Download

Features of Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Mod APK

Now let us discuss the latest features of Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Mod APK one by one in detail.

Complete Data Pack

The squad of this mod version of the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Game is the same as the original one (The Mod APK does not contain any new characters or ships, such as Darth Vader). However, you will get every single data pack once you install this Modded APK. So, it can be called a complete data package with unlimited resources and crystals.

Offline Hacks

They work well even when you are offline. Just make sure that your device has at least 50-60% charge so that the apk would not shut down during gameplay due to lack of battery power. With some advanced tweaks on settings and timing, you can now play Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Mod APK without being online.


In the arena, you will not have to use those stupid boosters as much as before. You can now fight against any opponent without worrying about your level of equipment tier. These boosts will help you overcome even legendary battles and PVP events that were previously impossible to beat.

Unlimited Energy

One of the most irritating problems in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is energy which gets exhausted very quickly and forces players to purchase more and more items (crystals) from the game store to continue playing. This is surely a big money spinner for EA games but if you want to enjoy this epic game without spending too much, then there is no other way than to install this Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Mod APK.

Unlimited Crystals

Previously, only the rich could enjoy this game for long periods but now anyone can use unlimited resources Infinite.

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Game Download

Galactic War Tickets

If you are tired of finishing the galactic wars again and again, then no need to worry about that in this mod version because this feature allows players to skip the galactic war with crystals that they have earned after each battle. This is a great option when you do not feel like playing all those battles against extremely difficult opponents. They just sit back and watch you defeat them easily with just one hit.

WhatsApp messages on Android (no root)

With the help of this simple trick, you can fix WhatsApp notifications on Android phones without rooting your device. Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Cheats Games Trainer 2014-15 – This is the latest version of this game trainer which can be used to hack android games like Farmville, candy crush saga, etc.

Mod Unlimited Energy

This energy bar in the original game makes it very difficult for users to play for long periods without spending some real cash on items that can refill their energy instantly. However, with this star wars galaxy of heroes mod apk you will get unlimited energy and it will never go down. You can now enjoy playing the galactic war as much as you want without worrying about running out of energy.

Mod Unlimited Crystals

You can use this modded apk to get unlimited crystals and you can now purchase anything that you want from the store. This is another feature of Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Cheats Games Trainer 2014-15. There are many gamers who do not buy crystals but they just want to play the game with limited items. This app is perfect for those people because it gives them a chance to play without spending real money on in-game purchases. You can also check out our star wars galaxy heroes hack apk download which also offers a similar service!

Mod Unlimited Galactic War Tickets

In this mode, players will have an infinite number of galactic war tickets which means that they do not need to worry about running out of these tickets in the middle of this galactic war quest. This is a great option for users who do not have that much time to play but just want to enjoy the game for short periods even when their energy bar runs out.

Mod Hacks Games Trainer 2014-15

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Cheats Games Trainer 2014-15  is an all-new tool that can be used to hack android games like FarmVille, candy crush saga, etc. It does not require root access on your Android device and you can use this app whenever you are playing any android game. The best thing is that it offers unlimited resources which means that with this modded apk version, you will never need to purchase anything from the store again.

Gameplay Recording and Walkthrough Support

This is another useful feature of this Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Cheats Games Trainer 2014-15. This app will provide you with a recording option that will allow you to record your gameplay and share it with other players. Another great thing about this mod is walkthrough support. If any player gets stuck at some point then they can check out the tips and tricks that this tool provides as well as ask other gamers who are playing this game for help.

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Download

Common FAQs About Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Mod APK

If you’re asking yourself any of these questions, look no further! We hope to answer some common FAQs with this article. If we missed your question or you need more in-depth answers/information on a particular subject, please leave a comment and we’ll be sure to respond ASAP.

You can find the link to our main Galaxy Of Heroes Mod APK page here: Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Mod Apk. You can also visit that website for even more information about mods for Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes.

How do I install the mod APK? Is it safe?

Our mod APK is 100% clean and 100% safe to install and play! It does not come with malicious code whatsoever and we take pride in our work. To install the mod APK you will need to allow unknown sources. Here is a link that can help with how to do this: Allow Unknown Sources.

Why isn’t it working? What should I do if it doesn’t work?

This is most likely because your anti-virus/security software has blocked either the APK or some part of the modded app and we cannot stress enough that you add an exception for our apps via whatever protection software you use. There still may be something blocking part of the modded app, so please contact us and we will get back to you ASAP.

If you are receiving any errors when trying to open or play, such as “the game has crashed” or “application error”, please leave a comment on our below comment section. We will be able to help you much faster there than through email.

How do I know this is legit?

When downloading anything, always be wary and use common sense. There are plenty of people out there trying to scam others into taking advantage of their game accounts or devices which can result in malware getting installed on your phone or computer. This is NOT one of those scams. We have been creating Galaxy Of Heroes mods for over 3 years now and have only received positive feedback from our customers.

What is the best character to use?

Everyone will have their own opinion on this, but personally, I would recommend using Qui-Gon Jinn or Talia depending on your preference. You can check out some information about them here: Qui-Gon Jinn Guide Talia Guide.

How do I obtain crystals? Is there a way to get free crystals?

Crystals can be obtained in-game by completing certain quests and achievements. They are also available for purchase via the Google Play Store and Apple Store. If you would like more information on how to obtain them, please look at our article Guide For Earning Crystals In Galaxy Of Heroes.


All in all, installing Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Mod APK on your android device can be beneficial because it gives you unlimited resources which means that you do not have to spend real money on anything anymore.

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