The Alchemist Code Mod APK 2022 v10. (Unlimited Money, High Damage)

The Alchemist Code Mod APK Unlimited Everything

Are you looking for a game that can give you both adventure and action? You should try The Alchemist Code Mod APK which is one of the most popular games in the RP category these days. If you want to be one of those who play this game, all you need to do is download it from APK mod sites like ours.

The alchemist code is an RPG (role-playing game) but if you aren’t good at playing such kinds of games, don’t worry because I’m going to share with you some rare ways how to win against your opponents using items or cards that are unique in every way. So if ever I see your enemy having a card that can summon a monster called silgar, I will use my spell from the water card so your opponent will not have a chance of winning.

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The alchemist code is a game that you can play anywhere and anytime like when waiting for a train or even while relaxing at home, all you need to do is open it and start playing it where ever you are.

The Alchemist Code Mod APK Download

Features of The Alchemist Code Mod APK

With this kind of feature, I think more and more people will be interested in the game which is also proven by its high ratings on app stores such as Google Play Store and iTunes App Store. There are other games out there but I think none of them has unique items/cards like this one. So if you want to download it right away then click on the download button.

We have discussed the features of The Alchemist Code Mod APK step by step through this article. We have tried our best to cover every aspect of the game for you. So, let’s get started without wasting any time!

Hero Awakening

After reaching a certain level, you will be able to awaken your heroes. You can use the awakening feature in order to increase the power of your hero. In addition, when you awaken a unit once, it won’t have any type of negative effect on its performance later on.


In The Alchemist Code Mod APK, you will come across a variety of runes that will help in enhancing or upgrading your units in different ways. For instance, if a rune increases the power of a unit then it would also increase its attack and health points at the same time. There are four types of runes with unique colors such as red for damage boost, blue for speed boosts, green for armor boosts and purple for resistance boosts.


In The Alchemist Code Mod Apk, there is a new system known as transcendence which can be used to enhance your heroes far beyond their maximum ability points. In order to do so, you need to have a certain amount of mana. Also, the higher level your hero has, the more mana it will require for transcending purposes. When you enhance a unit through transcending, its stat boosts will increase accordingly along with gaining a new costume and name as well. Moreover, after being enhanced by one stage, the unit’s cost rises up by 100 units and when it is enhanced in two stages within a single time period then the unit’s stat boost will further increase as well as its overall performance.


In The Alchemist Code Mod APK, you will be working alongside other players ( either as a guild or as an individual ) and you need to constantly work in order to upgrade your guildhall which is known as “Guild Base”. You can do so by collecting materials inside the campaign mission and also by killing enemy heroes. With those collected materials, you can upgrade your base and make it stronger. After doing so, each player will get a separate base which they can use to gain various bonuses such as generating mana stones every day, etc. Also, whenever there is a battle between two units, the player who owns the defender unit gains more victory points than the attacker unit owner.

The Alchemist Code Download

World Boss

There are multiple world bosses present in The Alchemist Code Mod Apk which you can defeat in order to get a massive amount of mana stones directly. You will also get random materials whenever you defeat them successfully. There are different types of bosses with unique abilities and it is important for you to check out their health points before entering into battle. Also, the reward system for defeating these bosses is that you will get one or more items on beating them depending upon your luck level.

Mana Stones

Whenever you are fighting against an opponent hero, there are chances that they might drop mana stones after killing them off. If your luck level increases then there are chances that the enemy’s hero will drop more mana stones which would be very beneficial for upgrading your heroes.

Heroes’ Personalities

In The Alchemist Code Mod APK, there are a number of different personalities for different types of units and it is important to make use of your hero’s type in order to get more victory points. For instance, if your unit falls under the Agile category then you will get around 20-65 victory points at the end of the combat phase. In addition, each personality has its own unique advantages which you need to know about before heading into battle.

Missions & Quests

By completing various quests and missions in The Alchemist Code Mod APK, you can earn a decent amount of mana stones along with gaining new equipment for your units. You should be checking both the quest log and mission log on regular basis in order to complete the tasks as soon as possible.


There are various dungeons present inside The Alchemist Code Mod Apk which players need to complete in order to earn mana stones. However, unlike other quests, this particular one is time-bound and also, you will only get three chances to clear it out within a single day. You can use up all your chances whenever you feel like but keep in mind that if you fail to do so then the dungeon duration would be increased by another 24 hours.

Arena Rankings

By competing against other real players inside the arena system of The Alchemist Code Mod APK, players can achieve different ranks based on their performance. For instance, if you win against the opponent hero then you will get a rank along with an increased number of victory points. Furthermore, if your win streak increases over time, you can also increase the magic attack and health points of your heroes.


You can visit the shop section in order to buy various items such as equipment, potions, etc which you need during combat. You should be very careful when spending your mana stones so that you do not end up losing them all in vain. The online version of this game is fairly new and there are very few players who actively play it daily. If you want to become one of them then we would recommend downloading The Alchemist Code Mod APK and enjoying even more special features that this amazing mobile game has to offer!

The Alchemist Code Mod Download

FAQ About The Alchemist Code Mod APK

Can I play this game on PC?

Yes, you can use Bluestacks to run android games.

You said the items are free but why do I need to pay for them?! It’s not fair! Why do other sites say it is free?

We spent countless hours creating and maintaining the generator tools we wrote and tested so that people like you can enjoy and benefit from our work and also save your money. If someone didn’t spend any effort and just copied/pasted stuff or edit some files then his/her website will show it is free.

I have downloaded the mod APK and it doesn’t work, Why?

Our software is safe, we tested it many times before releasing them to the public (you). Also, you can download from another link that is faster/not slower than our main page. Just google “The alchemist code” and enjoy your game.

No matter how many times I click on a button or close the popup dialogue, it won’t generate any items! What’s going on?

Sometimes some anti-viruses detect files as malware or viruses because of their bad coding and PC performance may cause this problem too. Make sure you are using the best PC performance and also try to use another browser (e.g. Chrome, Safari).

I tried everything you asked but it still doesn’t work, Why?

If it takes more than 1 hour then you should probably think about upgrading your PC or changing the anti-virus. Also please check if “Allow mock locations” is turned on in your phone settings under Developer options because this option needs to be turned on so the game can load fake GPS data for our software which helps us to get the location of your phone.

Will local mode always work? Is there any way to detect whether my account was banned by the developer?

Our software uses local mode to get fake GPS data. To make our software more reliable we created it so that it changes locations every 1-2 minutes, this way the game won’t detect your location because in 3 minutes you will be indifferent place than it thinks you are. Also if the game bans you then that account is useless for anyone and also ban IP address which helps us to protect our servers from being detected by the game developer so don’t worry about anything.

I want to generate more items but the “items limit reached” message appears when I click on the button again. What should I do?

This happens when someone else used or still using our software for this account. So please do not click on the button again or wait for 10 minutes to get another free item because someone else already used it.

I clicked on the button many times but only a few items were generated(or none was generated) what should I do?

Sometimes some anti-viruses detect files as malicious or viruses/trojans so try to turn them off if you want more items. Also, make sure the “Allow mock locations” option is turned on in your phone settings under Developer options, and also check your PC performance if it needs an upgrade.

Will there be any update that will fix lag issues? When are you going to release the next version?

We are trying to release the next version, no ETA. Also, there are many reasons (bad PC performance, too many people using it) that cause lag issues so please have some patience with us.


Finally, you are fully aware of The Alchemist Code Mod APK, which is the best game on the internet that you can download and install for free. So, go ahead and give it a try right now.

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