Download WhatsApp Business Mod APK 2022 (Anti-Ban, Fully Unlocked)

WhatsApp Business Mod APK is a free version of the best Social app named WhatsApp that allows you to create a chat with an unlimited number of people. However, it has no features like group chats or video calling. For this reason, the application has been popular among users who want to use it for personal use.

WhatsApp Business Mod APK Latest Version

Nowadays, the application has become a complete business tool with which you can conduct your business and personal life easily that you rarely find in WhatsApp Prime or WhatsApp Gold. You can send messages to your customers and clients through WhatsApp Business Mod APK Download without any hassle.

Features of WhatsApp Business Mod APK Download

There are several features that make WhatsApp one of the best applications for business communication:

Create Groups Without Any Limit

You can create groups for your clients or colleagues and share photos, videos, and other files with them easily. This allows you to save time as well as money by sending only one message instead of multiple ones to each person separately (or even sending all messages at once).


Video calling in HD with Apple Watch support, along with support for all iPhone models running iOS 12.1 or later.

Send Large Files

The biggest limitation of WhatsApp was its 2MB file size limit and it was not possible to send any large file using the app. But now with this modded version, you can send large files of up to 1GB in size.

Call back feature

This is a very useful feature for people who are always on their phones and do not want to miss any call from their loved ones or business partners. With this modded version, you can call your contact back from within the application itself without having to leave it and go through other means of communication like text messaging or phone calls, etc.

SMS Sending capabilities

This is another useful feature that allows you to send SMS messages through this application same as KRWhatsApp APK. This feature will soon be available for all users so don’t worry if you don’t see it in your app yet as it will be there soon enough.

Business Account

The new WhatsApp business account lets you create a business profile that includes information about your company and its services. This will enable your customers to find you easily when they search for businesses in their area on the app. The new feature also allows you to send messages to multiple contacts at once from within the app itself, instead of having to search for each contact individually on Google Maps or other websites.

WhatsApp Web

This feature allows you to access your messages from any device and computer. You can use this feature to send or receive messages on your mobile phone, tablet, or laptop. This feature is very useful if you want to use multiple devices at once and do not want to miss any important message from family members or friends.

Business Catalog

This feature allows you to create a business catalog for your business in which all the information about your company is available to customers and clients. This will help you connect with customers easily and provide them with all necessary information about your company quickly and easily.

Incoming Call Alerts

The incoming call alert feature allows you to receive calls from your customers directly on your phone. You can also send SMS messages from your computer.

Direct Messages

Direct Messages allow you to send private messages directly from your computer. You can also send GIFs and videos in these messages.

Call Forwarding

Call forwarding lets you transfer incoming calls from other people’s phones directly onto yours so that they can speak with you without having to give out their own number or having to wait for them to call back.

Private Chat

WhatsApp Business offers a number of features introduced by WhatsApp Inc. The app allows users to send bulk messages and private chats with pre-scheduled options.


Profiles are another great feature of this app which helps you create a profile for your business where you can add all your contact details like name, address, etc. so that people can easily find out more about you and contact you if needed.

Bulk Messages

You can send bulk messages to all your contacts from one particular contact at once without switching between them. This feature of WhatsApp Business Mod APK Download saves a lot of time and helps in sending messages quickly. It also allows you to schedule messages so that they get delivered at the right time.

WhatsApp Call

With the help of this feature, you can make calls to any business that is on WhatsApp Business. You do not need to install any other app or software on your device. Just open the app, search for a business, tap on the phone icon and make a call.

Chat Analytics

The chat analytics feature gives you information about your business and the chats you have had with customers or prospects. You can check out who is chatting with you and when they are chatting with you. This is a very useful feature for businesses that have multiple conversations going on at one time and want to know about their customers’ behavior towards their products/services and so on.

Lead Generation Tools

WhatsApp is now a lead generation platform for businesses. With this feature, users can create a business profile and add it to their website. It also allows businesses to send messages to their potential customers and show them what they have to offer.

Business Messaging API

This feature allows you to send automated messages through your website or app and interact with your customers directly on WhatsApp.

News Feed Tab

WhatsApp Business is a new feature by WhatsApp which helps you connect with your customers. It allows users to share business details such as location, contact information, products, and services. The latest version of WhatsApp Business Mod APK Download is now available for download. You can use this app on your device without any issues or errors. This version provides a lot of features that are not available in the original version of WhatsApp Business. Some features include:

Contacts Tab

The Contacts tab allows users to view all their contacts and groups in one place along with their status message and last seen time. This feature makes it easier for users to interact with each other in a more efficient manner compared to before. It also shows the last time when you last contacted someone so that you can easily track them down whenever needed without looking into their profile every time you want to talk to them or send them a message.

WhatsApp Business APK

WhatsApp Business is a new app from WhatsApp, which will help small businesses to communicate with customers. The app is still in a testing phase and soon it will be rolled out for all small businesses.

WhatsApp Business APK is available on our website but the company has not released it officially yet. This means you can’t get it from Play Store but you can download it from our website for free. We are sharing the latest version of WhatsApp Business APK which you can use to add your business profile on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Business Mod APK Download Guide

Follow the below guide to Download and install WhatsApp for your device from our website. Firstly, Download the Mod APK file from our website by clicking on the download button.

Since this is not an official version of WhatsApp, you will need to enable third-party installation on your Android device to install it. To do this, go to Settings > Security > Unknown sources and enable it. This will allow you to install applications from unknown sources on your phone.

You have now successfully installed WhatsApp Business Mod APK on your Android device.

WhatsApp Business Mod APK for PC (Windows 10/8.1/7)

WhatsApp Business Mod APK for PC (Windows 10/8.1/7) is the modified version of WhatsApp with all the latest features and functions. This app helps you to change the language of your phone so that you can use it in your own language.

If you want to use WhatsApp on your PC, then this is the perfect guide for you. You just need to follow a few simple steps and then you can download WhatsApp Business Mod APK for PC.

Firstly, download an Android Emulator like Bluestacks and search WhatsApp Business Mod from here and install it easily. This is the simple and easy-to-use WhatsApp Business Mod APK on your PC.

Common FAQs of WhatsApp Business Mod APK

What is WhatsApp Business Mod APK?

WhatsApp Business Mod APK is a modified version of the original WhatsApp App. It is a modified version of the WhatsApp application for Android phones, which allows you to use any kind of features that are not available in the normal version of WhatsApp.

How can I install this app?

You can install the original app from the play store and if you want to install the modded version, then follow the above instructions.

Can I use WhatsApp Business Mod APK without rooting my phone?

Yes, you can use this app without rooting your phone but to get more features, you need to root it first and then install the app on your phone.

How can I download WhatsApp Business Mod APK?

You can download the WhatsApp Business Mod APK from our website. Just click on the link and follow the instructions given in the description.

Is it safe to install WhatsApp Business Mod APK?

Yes, it is safe to install WhatsApp Business Mod APK on your Android phone. But make sure you are downloading it from a trusted source like us. We have tested this app and found no viruses or malware, so you can trust us for downloading this app for your Android device.

What is the difference between official WhatsApp and Modded file?

The official version of WhatsApp does not come with ads and other features while this one comes with ads and other features which are not available in the official version of WhatsApp.


This app can be used if you want to know how to use WhatsApp Business Mod APK. It is simple to use, and you can register your own company with the app. The app will only give you four contacts, but you can get help from a PHP group to expand your contacts and buy extra features. There are a lot of pros, but there are also some cons that might come with using this app.

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