World Conqueror 4 Mod APK 2022 v1.5.6 (All Generals Unlocked, Free Shopping)

World Conqueror 4 Mod APK Unlocked All

The latest in the series of World Conqueror mobile games, World Conqueror 4 Mod APK is now released with tons of new features.

After defeating enemies on the battlefield, build your own empire and create one giant empire that spans the entire globe. This is a historical war game that features battles from ancient China all the way to modern-day Iraq. Step into history and wage wars against other world powers for ultimate domination!

War battles have never been more fun than in this action-packed real-time strategy wargame – World Conqueror 4. Control hundreds of historical troops ranging from Musketeers, Cannons, Tanks, and fighter jets as you take control over ancient China or venture through Europe’s battlefields. The possibilities are endless as you advance through the ages of warfare! You can also compete against other world conquerors in the competitive multiplayer mode available on every platform.

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Create your own strategy, but remember that you will have to devise a plan to defeat powerful bosses like Napoleon Bonaparte or Julius Caesar! Test your strength against other players around the globe with online war games or dominate them in an offline single-player campaign.

Features of World Conqueror Mod APK

Build Your Empire

Create one huge empire using battle victories and expanding it by taking down enemy towns! Conquer all before you with just one giant empire.

Upgrade Units

Develop your army into different classes including infantry, warrior, cavalry, and even bombers while gaining experience points during battles! Upgrade them at the lab to unlock special abilities. Each unit has its own special ability that can be used on the battlefield.

Multiplayer Mode

Wage war against other world conquerors with multiplayer mode available for every platform. Multiplayer battles are available to play on mobile platforms, PC, and consoles.

Kickstart Your Empire

A unique leveling-up system lets you take control over your empire right from the start, unlike most mobile strategy games where you have to develop before making any big decisions. World Conqueror 4 gives you full control of your civilization right at the start of the game so it’s up to you whether you want to expand or focus only on building a solid defense against enemies wanting to destroy your empire.

World Conqueror 4 is now released worldwide. Download and play one of this year’s biggest strategy games today.

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FAQs of World Conqueror 4 Mod APK

Will I be able to get enough resources after building my first city?

In the first few seconds of the game, you will not have enough resources. In order to provide a supply of raw materials for production and funds for financial investments, it is necessary to build resource-gathering works including coal mines, iron mines, and oil wells as well as processing facilities such as machine factories.

Do I need to train soldiers? How can I do that?

You can recruit a number of soldiers from a barracks after building one. All you need to do is tap on “recruit”, then select from those who are available at the moment based on the type of equipment they carry. For example, heavy armor requires steel while light armor requires leather, etc. You can also forge alliances with other countries and trade with them to acquire resources.

What is the function of these buttons on the right-hand side of the screen?

The button with a flag at your disposal is for the military, and tapping it allows you to declare war or sign an alliance. The armory contains all sorts of weapons and equipment for units under your command. You can also forge alliances with other countries and trade with them to acquire resources. The colors show how many soldiers there are in total – blue represents the water force; green, land forces; and red, the air force (which only appears after certain technological achievements).

How do I attack another country?

When you tap on one of those colored flags next to your HQ, you will see which countries are in the alliance you have signed, as well as your potential target. Tapping on it will bring up a screen of all countries and cities under its control (This is the same for when you want to attack your own country or city). You can then tap on one of them and set out for battle.

Why did my soldiers die after fighting? Can I get more?

Your soldiers won’t die right off after fighting, but if they receive heavy damage (indicated by their HP bar), they might get wounded or even die after returning from battle. You can train new soldiers at training grounds that you build on the map.

How do I exchange resources with other players?

Alliances don’t just let you declare war or sign agreements; they also allow for trading between countries. Tap on the menu button in the top left corner, select “trade” and offer your resources to other players. If there is a player willing to trade (indicated by an icon), he will send back things he needs in return. You can also make offers through chat.

What’s the best way to upgrade buildings?

While not necessary, upgrading buildings proves useful both economically and strategically. To upgrade a building or a piece of equipment, just go into production then tap on a certain construction site – once it appears in green, that means it has been successfully upgraded! Upgrading requires money and materials, so be sure to have enough before you start.

What’s the best way to get more money?

Aside from exchanging resources with other players, you can also buy financial bonds (look for them in the “business” tab). There are four kinds of financial bonds with different interest rates, but they only last for a limited time (indicated by an icon in the upper right corner). You can also tap on your HQ and then select “credit management”. If there is sufficient demand, traders will appear and offer loans to you.

How do I upgrade my HQ?

Just go into production then tap on your HQ – this option may or may not be available depending on its level. Upgrading requires materials. You cannot upgrade when under siege, so keep that in mind. You can also tap on your HQ and then select “credit management” to get the required materials for upgrading by purchasing them with financial bonds (short-term loans).

Why can’t I buy anything?

You may not be able to buy certain things if you don’t have enough money or materials – check the upper left corner of each menu page for an explanation of why you cannot do something. The game sends out warnings when there is not enough money or materials before performing certain actions, so please read them carefully. Also, be sure to upgrade your HQ and other buildings often! It might take a while, but it surely pays off later in the game 🙂

When does the cool-down period for producing things start?

The cool-down time is different for every type of production. If you have already produced something, then the countdown begins as soon as you tap on that icon to produce again.

How do I resupply my soldiers in battle?

If all your soldiers are wiped out in a fight where they are indeed supposed to die, you can use the “resupply” option to replenish them with new ones. You can also pay money or join forces with other players to resupply – this means the game will take the necessary measures and give you additional troops even if it’s not your turn (which is called “force import”). Resupplying takes 1 hour and costs money (indicated by a clock icon) – it can also be done instantly by spending gems (indicated by a gem icon).

How do I build a training ground?

Training grounds allow you to train new soldiers. You can build them on the map just like any other facility (look for the icon that looks like a banner). They cost money and materials, so be sure to have enough before you place one down. Each training ground can accommodate only up to 20 soldiers at once – this cannot be upgraded.

How do I join an alliance?

Alliances are basically groups of players who can support each other in certain ways. You can choose to join an alliance by tapping on the menu button at the top left corner and then selecting “alliance”. The game will automatically select three alliances that fit your rank best.


Finally, you can download and install World Conqueror 4 Mod APK free from our website. Because we have uploaded the latest version of the game with all the updated features. So, go ahead and give it a try right now.

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