YouTube Pink APK +Mod APK 2023 v17.28.34 (Premium Unlocked, Latest Version)

YouTube Pink APK is one of the most popular videos streaming sites in the world. It’s been around for a long time now and it’s still very popular with the users. The site has got tons of content, which makes it difficult to find what you want on this site.

Information About YouTube Pink APK

NameYouTube Pink APK
RequirementsAndroid 5.0 and Up
Size50 MB
Updated On3 Days Ago
Mod Info
  • Fully Unlocked
  • Premium Feaures Free
  • 100% Working

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YouTube Pink APK 100% Working

YouTube Pink APK is an app that allows you to watch your favorite videos from the comfort of your couch. The app has been designed with a user-friendly interface, which will make it easy for you to navigate through the different sections.

The main reason why people love using YouTube Pink is because of its amazing user-friendly interface and easy-to-use features. The app has been downloaded by more than 100 million users now. There are many other apps like Instagram which have similar functionality but they cannot match up with the quality of this app.

Best Alternative Apps

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YouTube Pink APK Features

YouTube Pink APK has a lot of features that make it better than other apps in this niche. With the help of these features, you can enjoy watching videos without any interruptions and without any problems.

Watch Videos in HD Quality

Just like in YouTube Blue APK, you can watch videos on this app in HD quality, which is much better than standard resolution or even SD quality. You will get high-quality sound from this app as well as clear images due to which you will be able to see every detail clearly without any blurriness or distortion.

Download Videos Offline

The app also gives you the option to download videos for offline viewing so that you don’t have to pay for data charges every time when you want to watch some videos or listen to songs online. You can also save your favorite videos so that they can be watched later if required by anyone else who doesn’t have access to an internet connection.

Search Videos

Easily search for popular channels, TV shows, music artists, and more. Find what you’re looking for with powerful search tools that let you refine your results by category, channel, or keyword.

Unlimited Shows

Discover new shows based on your interests by exploring trending topics across channels and genres. Receive notifications when new episodes are added to your favorite shows. Find new shows based on your interests by exploring trending topics across channels and genres. Receive notifications when new episodes are added to your favorite shows.

Youtube pink APK Latest Version

Videos Playable in Background

You can play videos in the background while you do other things on your phone. This is especially useful if you’re watching videos while you’re on the bus or running errands.

Pink Colored Theme

The YouTube app has an attractive pink color scheme that makes it easy to find the videos you want to watch. The videos are arranged by categories such as “Top Charts,” “Most Viewed,” and “Popular Now.”

Great for Pink Lover

If you are a big fan of pink, then this is the best choice for you to download the YouTube Pink APK. It has a very soothing and cool feel to it that makes it look extremely attractive.

Dark Mode

This feature is available in all versions of the app and it allows you to view videos in dark mode. There are three different modes available: night mode, blue light filter mode, and pink light filter mode. The blue light filter mode will reduce blue light emissions so your eyes don’t feel tired after watching a video for a long time. The pink light filter mode will reduce red light emissions so you can enjoy watching videos without feeling sleepy after watching them for some time.

Adjust Screen Brightness

Brightness can be adjusted by sliding the brightness slider to the right or left. The brightness slider will allow you to adjust the screen brightness according to your preference.

Hide Labels on Top of Videos

This feature allows users to hide YouTube labels on top of videos so that they can focus more on watching the video instead of having to click through each individual video in a playlist.

Sound Control

Switch between High, Mid, and Low volume levels for music and videos on your phone. It’s especially useful when you are outdoors and don’t want to disturb others with the sound from your phone.

Desktop Mode

Desktop mode allows you to save videos directly from YouTube without using a data connection by using their servers. It also automatically downloads subtitles in multiple languages if available.

Offline YouTube Videos

Offline mode allows you to download videos and watch them later. The offline mode is available for YouTube Red subscribers only.

Youtube pink APK Easy to Use

Unlimited Subscriptions

This app supports unlimited subscriptions, which includes all the videos from all the channels in your subscribed channels list. You can also add new channels to your subscribed channels list using this app.

Searchable Channels

The search feature helps you find any video by keyword or title easily. You can also search by category or genre using this app.

Downloads History

This feature shows all the videos that were uploaded by users on YouTube, which helps in finding out which videos are trending at present time, and watching them will help in improving your knowledge about various topics related to technology and science.

Supports Multiple Accounts

It is one of the best features of YouTube that allows you to create multiple accounts for different purposes. You can create an account for business, for family and friends, etc. It is one of the best features that allows you to save your favorite videos from one account to another easily.

Play on Loop

Play YouTube videos over and over again. It’s a great way to get your exercise done at home.

No Regional Restrictions

Enjoy YouTube without any restrictions. No more geo-blocking, no more region lock, and no more restrictions.

Double Tap

Double tap on the video you want to watch. The pop-up window will show you more information about the video. You can also click on the thumbnail to play the video.

Auto Play

Autoplay is a feature that automatically starts playing a video on YouTube. This can be useful for those who want to watch a video quickly and don’t have time to scroll through their feed. You can also use the auto-playing feature when you are searching for videos or watching other people’s videos.

Plays at the Right Time

The YouTube Pink APK also lets you set an interval timer for every video in your playlist. This is useful when there are many videos in your playlist and it is difficult to keep track of them all. You can set it up so that when you start watching a video, it will automatically play on its own.

YouTube Pink Mod APK

YouTube Pink Mod APK is a modified version of the original YouTube application, which has been modified for use with Android devices running on smartphones and tablets. It comes with all the features of the official version of YouTube, but it also allows you to save videos in HD format, which can be played on any device with a screen size of fewer than 10 inches.

YouTube Pink APK Download Guide

If you are looking to download and install the YouTube Pink APK file, then follow the below instructions:

  1. First of all, click on the download button given above to go to the download page
  2. Now, download the Mod APK file on your device
  3. Go to the settings of your phone, click on security and allow/enable the “Unkown Sources” to install the app
  4. Finally, click on the downloaded Mod APK file and wait for the installation
  5. When the installation is completed, tap on the game icon and play the game free

YouTube Pink APK Download Guide

General FAQs of YouTube Pink APK

Can we use YouTube Pink for PC?

Yes, you can easily download YouTube Pink APK on your computer. However, if you want to run it on your PC, then you will have to install the APK file using an Android emulator like Bluestacks. Once installed, you can enjoy all the advantages of this app on your computer.

Can we use YouTube Pink for iOS/Mac?

No, this is not possible as of now. But it is expected that there will be an iOS version in the future. So when that happens, you will be able to use this app on your mobile devices as well as computers.

Is this YouTube APK Latest Version?

Yes, this is an official YouTube APK so you don’t have to worry about updating it every time a new version comes out.

What is YouTube Pink APK?

YouTube Pink APK is a modified version of the official YouTube application for Android. It provides more features than the original app but does not come with access to the entire library of videos on YouTube.

Is it safe to use?

Yes, it is totally safe to use and download. We have tested this app on multiple devices and it works like a charm.

Does it have ads?

No, we removed all the ads from this version of YouTube so you don’t have to worry about seeing any pop-up notifications or banners while watching videos on your mobile device.

Why should I download this app?

The main reason why you should download this app is that it offers many new features, such as themes, live streaming, and more. These features are not available in the standard version of YouTube so you will definitely enjoy using them if you have downloaded this one.

Do I need a rooted device to install YouTube Pink APK?

No, you don’t need to root your device for installing this application as it is officially available for both rooted and unrooted devices.


With that, if you are looking for a new APK, then the YouTube Pink APK is certainly a great choice. I hope this guide helps you through the process of finding great APKs and that it helps you gain some more control over your Android device.

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