Zoom Mod APK 2023 v5.10.1.5163 (Premium Unlocked/VIP Features)

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Zoom Mod APK Unlimited Everything

Zoom Mod APK is a new mod for the popular video calling and online meetings platform. The goal of the app is to help people to attend their office meetings, from anywhere in the world. Because of its quality features and easy-to-use interface, people prefer to use this tool all the time for meetings. So, if you are also, looking for such a tool, download the Zoom Mod file right now.

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Features of Zoom Mod APK

Today, I’m going to share you an amazing modded app which will change your android user experience completely.

With Zoom app, you can do so many stuffs which are not possible with the normal app. The features it provides are really helpful for daily use and thus, if you have this apk file on your Android device then go ahead and install.

There is no official Download link available for Zoom Mod Videos App but still it has got several download links of its APK available on Google play store unofficial websites like 9apps (popularly known as Apk mirror) etc. So here we also attached a direct download link at the end of this article by which you can directly install the application without any hassle.

So let’s take a quick look at the interesting features of this app.

Access Contacts Directly

Unlike any other file manager or video player, you can access your contacts directly through the application interface without opening any separate app. Also, you can directly share files via Bluetooth to your contacts.

Create Folders

The amazing thing about Zoom App is that it lets you create folders inside itself i.e., within its own interface simply by dragging and dropping one file over another file. It has an inbuilt media browser that gives out only relevant videos for different actions like playing, sharing etc… This feature I must say is much more useful than whatsapp’s video transfer option because WhatsApp don’t let you organize the gallery according to your wish.

Call Directly to Anyone

Another cool feature of this app is that you can directly call your friends and family members using this application itself without having to search for the contacts separately. Now, how cool is that? You simply have to enter their name in the contact tab and click on “call” button and voila! you are about to make a video call with them.

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Built-in GIF Maker

Zoom App has got a built-in GIF maker facility. All you have to do is open any specific video by single tap on it, select edit option from menu bar which will activate GIF making function inside the interface. It provides some amazing options like adding stickers/texts/animated texts, rotating images etc… This makes it more interesting than any other GIF making apps available on the market.

Create Greeting Cards

You can also make use of this application to create personal greeting cards (shout-outs). How cool is that? And it saves your time as well because now you don’t have to download any third party app for this purpose. It’s all done in one place itself. Just tap on video button, then click on “Create” button, then select your Profile picture or Video (use Camera option if you want), add text/sticker/GIF etc…and finally hit “Save”. This makes Zoom Mod apk more useful than Whatsapp video call feature since no matter how many friends you have in WhatsApp, it doesn’t let you share greetings cards with them.

Built-in Video Editor

Zoom Mod App also has got a built-in video editor. You can directly modify the videos you received through any other messaging app like Whatsapp, Hike etc just by single tap/click on it. This is one of the most useful features because many people use this feature to reduce the size of their videos before sending them to their loved ones or sharing it with friends on social media platform like Facebook, Instagram etc…

Make Video Profile Picture

This application provides an option where you can make your video profile picture transparent. It comes very handy because now you don’t need to download any third party app for doing so (even if its free). There are several apps available in Google play store but none of them provide these kind of options.

Delete Unnecessary Data Easily

Zoom Mod Apk lets you delete unnecessary data from the device easily. No matter how much space your mobile is eating up, with a single tap/click you can delete all the files and cache that’s eating up your mobile storage without having to download any third party app. It provides an automatic cleanup option as well for temporary cache which will clean up the cache automatically after every 5 minutes depending upon your choice.

You can also do it manually by selecting any specific time period which comes very handy when playing high end games on mobile devices since many high end games came pre-installed with lots of rich media contents like video ads etc. which always eat up external memory if proper care is not taken. now just use this one stop solution for clearing temporary cache and enjoy your favorite games.

Multi-Purpose App

Zoom Mod apk is a multi-purpose app which provides an option of capturing live videos as well as screen recordings. It has also got an inbuilt Xplayer (similar to MX player and VLC) that can play any kind of video formats like AVI, MP4, 3GP etc flawlessly. So, if you want to watch some movie on the go, no need of downloading different media players separately. You just browse it on this application itself and boom! you are ready to roll.

Free Cost App

One of the best things about this amazing app is that you don’t have to spend even a single penny for making use of all its great features since it comes for free and offers so many awesome options. Enjoy!

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Common FAQs of Zoom Mod APK

Will this work on my Android device?

The easiest way to know is to search for yourself. If it was reported to not working, then yes! It won’t work. But if nothing is said, yup! I’m sure it will work just fine. Keep in mind that this works with devices running Android 4.1 or lower. The latest update of the app requires you have at least Android 5.0(Lollipop). So yeah, no matter how outdated your phone is, this mod should still work on your phone as long as it’s under Android 4.1 Jelly Bean!

Does this require me to root my phone?

Nope! You can use this without rooting your device as long as you’re using a Gingerbread or lower. The Lollipop version requires you to be rooted!

I’m having issues with my camera crashing after applying this mod, what do I do?

Make sure that your device’s camera application is up to date by going to Google Play Store and updating it if necessary. If the issue still persists, a factory reset would help. Turn off Zoom Mod first before doing a factory reset since turning it off deletes all of the patch files applied on CameraNextMod resulting in a new stock camera experience from OEMs.

Is this a permanent patch for the stock camera app?

Yes. If you turn off Zoom Mod, it deletes all of the applied patch files on CameraNextMod which means your OEM’s camera app would be restored to its original state. However, if you’re rooted and have busybox installed on your mobile device, it is possible to undo changes made by this mod. In that case, uninstall the BusyBox version.

Can I use other mods while using this Zoom Mod?

Yes! You can use whatever mods you like since all of the implemented patches are universal. However, make sure that the patch is made to work on both Google Camera 4.2 and 5.0(CameraNextMod).

What’s the difference between Google Camera v4.2 and v5.0?

Google Camera 4.2: It is the stock factory camera app of your device.

Google Camera 5.0: The new and improved camera application with additional features and ports found on Android 5.1 Lollipop devices such as Nexus 6, Nexus 9, or even some Nexii running AOSP or custom ROMs.

Can I revert back to my device’s original camera app if I turned off Zoom Mod?

No. If you turn off the mod, it will only remove the patch files on CameraNextMod which leaves your stock camera untouched. If you want a fresh and clean camera experience from your OEMs, a factory reset is required.

My phone is rooted but it can’t install busybox, what do I do?

For Android devices running a 4.1 version of the OS, a root manager app should be able to download and install BusyBox from Google Play Store. There are several root manager apps that you can choose from such as SuperSU or Titanium Backup Root to name a few.


 Zoom Mod APK is a great way to use your phone more efficiently and get the most out of it. It’s easy to install, so download today.

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